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Talk to me about Butlins

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CupcakesK · 22/11/2020 15:14

Thinking of booking a holiday to Butlins (probably Skegness) next summer (in term time) for me, DP and DS who will be 15 months at the time. We've never been before - what do we need to know before we go? Any extras you recommend getting? Which accommodation? Is 7 days too much??

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SpillingTheTea · 22/11/2020 21:25

Also to add If going in the holidays book a b line pass. The ques are longgggggg. Wouldn't go for just for tots as everything closes at 8pm. But early for us.

EdwardCullensBiteOnTheSide · 22/11/2020 21:26

Silver apartments were always great for us. Gold even better. Not been skeg for about 8-9 years but then it was great, very clean and the food was OK if you get the breakfast and evening meal options. Always plenty of choice.

Beamur · 22/11/2020 21:32

I used to go in the 1970's as a child! Loved it but too shy to do the children's activities without my Mum.
Took my DD a couple of years ago to Minehead. She'd been on a school trip to Skegness and had a great time.
We just went the 2 of us as I didn't think it would be DH's cup of tea.
Went for the cheapest accomodation and the meal plan. We had a lovely time, nothing fancy but lots to keep us amused. DD loved the fairground rides and help yourself buffet food suited her.

OwlInAnOakTree · 22/11/2020 21:59

We've been at least once a year with my son since he was about 15 months old, usually in December for their Christmas fantasy week. He's now 7 and still absolutely loves it, it's his favourite place in all the world. There's no hotel at the Skegness one. We've stayed in a basic room, silver apartment (old not new), gold apartments and the seaside ones. personally I prefer the gold ones. They're a bit old now but, if you book a two bedroom gold apartment, you get a 3 bedroom one (because they don't actually have any two bedroom ones in Skegness) so it's much more spacious than the other 2-bed apartments. Like others have said, they're a bit of a walk from the Skyline, so not as easy to pop back to for things as the others are. The seaside ones are newer, lovely, very close to the skyline, but we found them quite cramped, particularly compared to the gold.

I don't rate the dining package, so we've only done it once. We get a Tesco delivery to the main gate and mainly self cater with a few meals out. If you're going term-time, it's such good value as pretty much everything is included in the price. DS loves every single second of our holidays there and we're all sad to be missing it this year.

sauvignonbonk · 22/11/2020 22:19

We have a weekend there once per year and also a weekend at center parcs. The kids prefer Butlins by a mile, they absolutely love it there.

I’ve stayed in seaside, fairground and new style silver. Tbh silver was fine and we spent 99% of waking time outside the apartment as there is just so much to do, that paying extra for accommodation was pointless.

We always get a dining plan, have done both the more expensive and cheaper options. It’s 100% worth the money because it just makes the break so effortless- no cooking and cleaning up after just makes the world of difference and the kids absolutely loved getting up in the morning to head straight to the restaurant for breakfast buffets.

Bridecilla · 22/11/2020 22:27

Butlins is like marmite!

Weve been to Skegness 3 times. 1 st time was great 2nd two times I honestly felt like all we did was queue and I couldn't wait to get home after 3 nights.

helloxhristmas · 22/11/2020 22:32

Hotel and premium dining option or whatever it's called. My kids are very lucky to have had some fab abroad holidays but it's always Butlins they talk about and want to go back to.

TheDowagerDuchess · 23/11/2020 01:16

We had a really fun time at Butlin’s Bognor in Feb 2020 - so glad we did it before all the madness started!

We stayed in a hotel and I had dc 11 and just short of 6 at the time.

The best bit by far was the pool though!

CupcakesK · 23/11/2020 07:01

Wow, thanks all for your replies! Excited to go now, shame we’ll have to wait 6 months or so and keep our fingers crossed regarding Covid

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