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Talk to me about menstrual cups

24 replies

Itchybush · 30/10/2020 17:40

I'm tempted by the Saalt Cup, anyone tried this one?

OP posts:
BeBraveAndBeKind · 30/10/2020 17:52

I've not tried that one but I've used a Mooncup and then a Lena cup for years. Both of them are really long lasting and easy to use. The Lena cup is softer and more flexible so I'd probably recommend that one over the Mooncup.

BuffaloCauliflower · 30/10/2020 17:55

Do the Put A Cup In It quiz first, there’s so so much variation between cups and vaginas, and the combination of the two. I love cups and will never go back, so a big fan, but you do need to get the right one for you. I started with a Saalt actually and it worked well for me, then tried a Lunette size 2 and loved it even more. Hopeful at least one of the two will still fit me post pregnancy, if not I’ll be on the hunt again.

BuffaloCauliflower · 30/10/2020 17:56

As in - just because the Saalt worked for me doesn’t mean it will for you. Your vagina might be very different! Pelvic floor muscles and cervix height are both really important

Whatwouldscullydo · 30/10/2020 17:57

I have a saalt cup.

I switch between a Ruby, lena or the saalt

I realky like them all. The saalt is good.

Definitely do the quiz though.

I was a chicken it took me ages to pluck up the courage to try. But I' glad I did amd wish I'd switched years ago now

PonDeReplay · 30/10/2020 17:58

I’ve a mooncup and and am a big fan. It’s not the most flexible material though.

applepineapple · 30/10/2020 18:00

I have a Saalt and love it. Used to have a Mooncup for a few years but I found the stem quite firm and if it wasn't up far enough, it would poke my vagina. No issues at all with the Saalt as the stem is softer and shorter Grin

lljkk · 30/10/2020 18:01

Just realising I've used the mooncup almost 12 yrs. [gasp].
Guess that means I've saved about £110. Pretty good.
Would be £120+ if a Saalt cup, even gooder.

ErinJ · 30/10/2020 18:06

I have the Saalt cup and I love it!
I first started with an OrganiCup but found the material too rigid and uncomfortable so switched to the Saalt cup and haven't looked back.
Would recommend 100% I just wish I'd tried menstrual cups sooner!

thecuriousfox · 30/10/2020 18:16

I also have the Saalt cup and it's literally changed my life. I wish I'd taken the plunge ages ago. Go for it!

hardyloveit · 30/10/2020 18:40

I took the quiz as used a few brands (can't remember names) and I leaked all the time! I now use the Lalicup and it's amazing. Definitely take the quiz first though.

Aworldofmyown · 30/10/2020 18:45

I love menstrual cups but can't use them or am yet to find one that suits me 😔 They don't suit everyone and brand is very person specific. The questionnaire recommended is excellent.

Omeara · 30/10/2020 18:49

I have the saalt cup and I really like it but I do get a bit of leaking. I use a sanitary towel with it on my heaviest couple of days.

Whatwouldscullydo · 30/10/2020 18:55

I have the saalt cup and I really like it but I do get a bit of leaking. I use a sanitary towel with it on my heaviest couple of days

Yes I've not been asked to quite perfect it yet so there's not even any spotting but then it doesn't bother me as I always used a back up with tampons anyway. So now I just wear a pair of modibodis as I only really wear it on the heaviest days when out and about ir at work. I use reusable pads the rest of the time.

Depends how much you are bothered about having to wear a back up really

Pinkstars2501 · 30/10/2020 18:56

I've got a Beyou cup (they also do pain relief patches, cbd bath bombs, drops etc) and although I like it, I would prefer a softer one really.

I do struggle a bit to get my finger in the side to break the seal as well, so I wish there was one you could just pull without risking a prolapse 🤣 Kind of like a ring pull....

jojomolo · 30/10/2020 18:59

omg I HATED the Saalt cup. It forms some kind of super suction internally and it was so painful for me!

ALL the bell shaped ones I find unpleasant but that one really hurt. I prefer the slimmer/ champagne flute type ones. I actually bought an unbranded one off amazon for about 50p and it's probably made of cancer and eyeballs but it's the most comfortable mooncup ever - I wish I could find it again.

LauraPalmerViolet · 30/10/2020 19:05

I use the TOTM cup, started with my recommenced size but found it very leaky, so emailed the company who sent me the next size down for free with lots of tips on different folds to try. V impressed, size was perfect and easier to use. So agree with other posters that you have to find the right size and cup for you. On the plus side we had a weekend in Center Parcs (pre Panny D obvs) and did in and out of the pools and slides for 5 hours on first day of period with no bother.

Muddybuddy · 30/10/2020 19:11


Just realising I've used the mooncup almost 12 yrs. [gasp].
Guess that means I've saved about £110. Pretty good.
Would be £120+ if a Saalt cup, even gooder.

Surely you’ve saved a lot more than that? 12 years is 144 periods so that’s less than £1 per period on sanitary products?
Fluffycloudland77 · 30/10/2020 19:14

I bought a £3 menstrual cup off eBay, seems to do the job. Holds blood, doesn’t leak.

ButterflyBitch · 30/10/2020 19:17

I bought one from asda for £8.99 and they donated one to girls/women somewhere that can’t get them easily so bargain. Called hey girl or some such nonsense.
It’s been a bit of a struggle to get used to it and I do get slightly concerned about pulling out my insides if I don’t break the suction properly but it’s worked well so far.

MerchantOfVenom · 30/10/2020 19:19

I’ve used a mooncup and a Hello Cup, but with both, I always, always leak on day 1 and have to back up with pads.

I don’t understand it, as the cup is never even vaguely full - the leakage just comes straight down, but on all the other days, there isn’t a hint of leakage.

I don’t know what I’m doing so differently on day 1 that the suction just seemingly doesn’t work.

Goldyyy · 30/10/2020 19:48

I've got an Athena cup which I love, but it's the only one I've tried so maybe there's a better one - I didn't realise different brands were so different. I do find it quite hard to break the seal and sometimes have to give up and pull out Confused

shouldhavecalleditoatabix · 30/10/2020 19:56

I go riding know the brand of my cup but I do know it's changed my life. Literally. Here's what I learned

  1. it takes time to adjust. It took me 3 periods before I was able to confidently use cup. My first cycle I was struggling for over 30 minutes in a night shift trying to get the damn thing to 'pop' open once inserted. I just could not get the hang of the 'folding cup' method. It took me a long time to realise that I -obviously with a baggy, post birth vag- was better off inserting it 'open' and giving it a twist to create the seal
  2. don't cut the stem for a couple of months at least because you really do need to get used to it first. When mine settles it is very high and I need the stem
  3. don't just pull it out. To remove, bear down a little first and pinch the bottom of the cup which breaks the seal. Pulling it out can (in extreme cases) pull your cervix down with it and over time has caused some people issues.
  4. some people claim it causes worse period pain. I have always been blessed with relatively little period pains but I do notice that I have a lot of discomfort on day one or two for a couple of hours which I don't recall having before the cup. However, that could be purely anecdotal as I have aged and we change constantly

    Positives? It's amazing. I can keep the cup in for longer. It rarely leaks and if it does it's because it is nearing full. Over time you start to read the signs - it kind of feels heavy and you can head it off. It is cheaper and you aren't wasting money on environmentally unfriendly alternatives. You learn more about your menstruation. I'm constantly amazed at how different each day is and what to expect from your period.

    Whichever cup you choose, do it because I doubt you'll look back.
StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff · 30/10/2020 20:15

I use a Saalt cup as recommended after doing the quiz. It’s changed my life. My periods are less painful and because it holds more than a tampon I can manage a whole day at work without emptying.

Chocolatefreak · 30/10/2020 20:21

I've used a Mooncup for about 11 years, very happy with it, although it took perhaps three periods initially to get used to it. There is a stem which you can just cut off, right down to the 'cup' part as it may irritate. If it seems to disappear too far up, you can just use your muscles to move it down when you need to remove it. You also need to wear it lower than you think in order for it not to leak, but on heavier days I wear a liner just in case. Love it because it's cheap and much more environmentally friendly than pads or tampons - must have saved several kilos of sanitary waste over the years!

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