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Ibuprofen and paracetamol tablets

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Callipygion · 28/10/2020 18:49

Can anyone clarify for me how many packs you’re allowed to buy in a supermarket? I have a disagreement with someone - I think it’s 2 packs in total of any, and they say You can buy 2 of each. Thanks.

OP posts:
Muddybuddy · 28/10/2020 18:50

2 in total I believe. I can never order more than 2 in total on my online shopping

Kidssendingmenuts · 28/10/2020 18:50

2 packets total in Aldi, but go to Poundland and you can buy three for £1!

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander · 28/10/2020 18:55

Its a maximum of 32 painkiller tablets IIRC. Unless it's a pharmacy. They can sell more.

ChaChaCha2012 · 28/10/2020 18:57

The two pack rule is guidance, not law, so it's up to individual stores to make their own policies. Home Bargains and Aldi used to allow two of each, but now only allow two in total.

ragged · 28/10/2020 19:05

In USA you can buy 100s. It's wonderful. :)

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow · 28/10/2020 19:07

tesco would not let me buy 2x aspirin, 2x paracetamol and 2x ibuprofen when i was restocking the medicine cabinet...I gave them back the aspirin!

Saucery · 28/10/2020 19:08

2 in total. Buscopan is included in that too, which seems odd.

Callipygion · 28/10/2020 19:16

Thanks, it can be confusing can’t it!

OP posts:
TrufflyPig · 28/10/2020 19:24

The largest paracetamol pack size a non pharmacy retail outlet can sell is 16. There isn’t actually a legal limit on the number of packs that can be sold (provided it doesn’t exceed 100 tablets). However most retail outlets abide by the MHRA guidelines of no more than 2 pack of 16 per customer.

Pharmacies can sell larger packs of 32 tablets and the pharmacist can choose to allow a sale of up to 100 tablets at their discretion.

There are no legal controls on packs of 200mg ibuprofen tablets. 400mg tablets are pharmacy only.

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