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Aunt & gran Christmas ideas

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StormsDontLastForever · 27/10/2020 22:50


I am looking for some Xmas ideas for my aunt & gran. They both have everything they need, endless amounts of slippers, pyjamas, mugs, everything they need. They both are well off with money so over the years have just bought whatever they need. Both not into candles, don't drink or smoke, very fussy with clothes etc. I am at a total loss as to what I can get them for Xmas. They are both very good to myself and dd so want to get them more than just chocolate etc.

Thanks 😀

OP posts:
Lollypop701 · 27/10/2020 23:05

Spa day, cheese and wine tasting, hotel stay somewhere nice York/Edinburgh... for the two of them together

FlouncingBabooshka · 28/10/2020 08:41

What sort of budget do you have Storms?

Lostthetastefordahlias · 28/10/2020 20:36

If you/ other members of your family have photos of your gran/ aunt going back through the years, could you collate/ have some printed into an album for each of them? Will give them a chance to reminisce on the day also. I was unsure about this idea but it went down very well even with the somewhat random collection of photos I haphazardly put together Smile

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