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"all the best" - bad sign?!

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M0wgl1 · 27/10/2020 18:04

Possibly being a little paranoid here!

Just had an interview for a job I really wanted and it ended with interviewer saying "all the best" - I thought it was ok although I rambled a little and stumbled over some questions.

Is this quite final / suggestive of a no?

OP posts:
WitchesSpelleas · 27/10/2020 20:49

No, I don't think it means anything. Just one of numerous possible friendly valedictions.

Wishing you luck.

Demithemoore · 27/10/2020 20:57

I sign off emails with that all the time if I want to be warmer than kind regards and not as wet as best wishes. I don’t think it’s a bad sign OP! Hope you get the job - fingers crossed for you

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