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Bleeding but still darker positives??

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Meganhorsley12 · 27/10/2020 08:39

Hi I’m new to this I thought I could get a bit of advise as it’s proven hard for this to be resolved...

So on the 19th or august I had to terminate my little girl at 13+5 weeks due to severe abnormalities. After about 4/5 weeks I got a negative test which was a good sign as me and my partner wanted to try straight away. I carried on getting negatives for about 15 days (I used the cheap strip tests from Amazon) when I ran out I stopped testing and just carried on as normal by this time I had my first period on the 25th of September.

So bringing forward, I got my first positive test about a week and a half ago. 2 days after finding out I started spotting, just pink discharge and that was in and off for a day. The next day I woke up to what looked like a period really dark red blood with tiny bits of black clots. The bleeding lasted for 3 days and on the 4th day it was on and off spotting. The bleeding has now stopped. I wasn’t sent to a EPU because of how early I would have been it just would have been pointless. So I took a test today and I have a positive still and looking back at old tests it’s darker than the rest so I’m so confused. My doctors are rubbish and it’s so hard to get in ( especially at this time) so as you can imagine it’s quite difficult to not know what’s going on.

If anyone has had anything similar and can help me out that would be highly appreciated. Thanks:)

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