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Brilliant. Just got shit canned

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PyongyangKipperbang · 26/10/2020 20:32

Well, this afternoon.

Pub manager. Not been with the company 2 years so been told that there is no longer a position for me as the pub is being sold off. No consultation, not officially redundant. Calling ACAS tomorrow as I am not sure that the (v large) company has done this right. I have in writing that they would welcome applications from me in the future......

Fucking GREAT.

OP posts:
munchbunch12 · 26/10/2020 21:25

I don't have any advice for you, but didn't want to read and run. Good luck with ACAS, hope there's something you/they can do about the situation Flowers

HunkyPunk · 26/10/2020 21:39

Sorry to hear you've had such shitty news today. Hope you get some good advice and help from ACAS. Don't know how pub management works, really, but sounds incredibly unfair if the company are allowed to do this to you.

freezedriedromance · 26/10/2020 21:51

Prepared to be told I'm wrong but I was under the impression that if youve been there under 2 years they can let you go for any reason other than because of a protected characteristic (sex, race, disability etc). Its good practice to use a verbal, written and final warning system but that's all it is, just good practice.

You're right that you aren't officially redundant as you don't gain that right until the 2 year point.

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