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Why is my new bed sheet shiny?

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StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:21

Recently bought a new bed sheet which claims to be 100% Egyptian cotton. It has what I can only describe as a sheen, and rather than being 'crisp' as cotton should be it's almost silky. I don't like the feel of it and it creases on the bed.
What do I need to buy to make sure I just get a normal cotton sheet?

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WunWun · 26/10/2020 07:23

Have you washed it?

Vello · 26/10/2020 07:23

cotton percale

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:24

Yes I washed it before its first use and its back in now. Hoping it wears off but I've never known this before. It almost seems cheap, but it wasn't

OP posts:
SweetAlmondOil · 26/10/2020 07:25

Could it be a sateen cotton?

ApricotOLeary · 26/10/2020 07:25

Is it sateen? Seems to be fashionable at the moment

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:27

I've just been trying to find it. I think I'd have avoided sateen, but percale, maybe not. The 'getting into clean sheets' feeling has been ruined for me :o

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:28

OK sounds like I've accidentally bought sateen. Urgh.

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BigusBumus · 26/10/2020 07:29

I LOVE sateen. Is it white and kingsize? Do you fancy selling it?

TheTeenageYears · 26/10/2020 07:30

We have Linea Hotel Collective 800 thread count bedding which is sateen finish. It's pretty heavy so the sateen finish works but maybe on a lighter bedding it would might feel cheap.

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:37

It is cream and king-size. Feels to me like the cheap and shiny sheeny types I bought when younger.

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NaughtipussMaximus · 26/10/2020 07:43

I bet it is sateen as PP have suggested. It’s all the rage now, in me head I associate it with the ‘luxury/lux’ ‘WAG/insta’ crushed velvet/mirrored furniture thing. Make sure you buy percale - some places have their own category for it like ‘Crisp and Fresh’ is John Lewis’s percale bedding.

A friend described sateen bedding as ‘as close to “slimy” as anything dry could be’.

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:44

Oh bollocks :( that's so annoying. It should have come with a slimy warning.
Just asked dh and he hadn't noticed anything :)

OP posts:
NaughtipussMaximus · 26/10/2020 07:44

And I agree, it feels far cheaper than percale! All limp and thin. Hate it. It’s especially infuriating when you really like a design online but when it arrives you realise it’s sateen. Looking at you, M&S.

Vello · 26/10/2020 07:47

Oh sorry, I meant you need to buy cotton percale for it to feel like proper sheets.

(Sateen is awful in my view.)

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 07:51

I see. Its been so long since I've bought bed sheets I wasn't aware they now came in slimy vs non slimy! How annoying

OP posts:
TheTeenageYears · 26/10/2020 12:57

Although price isn't always an indicator of quality, where did you buy it and how much was it?

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 12:59

John Lewis, £55 :(

OP posts:
Knittedfairies · 26/10/2020 13:02

I made the same mistake a few years ago OP. It's still shiny, despite many washes.

StealthPolarBear · 26/10/2020 13:42

Oh. You could have lied :)

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