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5 year old won't sleep in her bedroom

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supersky · 25/10/2020 18:10

DD is 5 and still isn't sleeping in her own room. At first we were putting to bed in her own room, she'd go to sleep without much issue but then she'd wake up later at around 11-12 and come into our room, we'd send her back to her room but she'd keep coming back and start getting upset. I didn't actually mind her sleeping in our bed it's just she's very fidgety in her sleep and was keeping DH and I up. We put a mattress on our floor as it seemed like a good compromise and meant everyone was getting a good night's sleep. At the start of this year we decided to try again with moving her back into her room. We redecorated her room and made it an exciting thing for her and she loved it but she only managed a week of mostly staying in there before she was back in our room. She says she's scared to sleep on her own, I'm thinking about moving her and DD1 into the same room so she's not on her own but I'm worried she might keep her up. I think part of the reason is also wanting to share with me and DH, she can be quite clingy, if she's with us she wants to be near us and I do love spending time with her but it can getting very tiring at times I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant so hoping to sort this before baby arrives. Any ideas?

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BabylovesJohnny · 25/10/2020 18:42

I had something similar last year (Was a nightmare!) but the solution was bribery. I took her shopping and let her choose four things (some sweets , a magazine, small toy and a bigger toy she desperately wanted).

We said she could have the sweets if she stayed in her bed once. The magazine if she stayed twice. The smaller toy if she stayed 5 times and the bigger toy if she did 8 nights. We had a few shaky starts but within a month, we had cracked it .

supersky · 25/10/2020 18:54

Thank you, that's sounds like it's worth a try

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Interfluvials · 25/10/2020 18:58

We said she had to stay in her room all night. She was allowed to get me, I took her back to her room and stayed with her til she slept again/morning if I fell asleep.

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