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What music do your 8 year olds listen to?

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Anotherthink · 25/10/2020 12:51

We don't listen to the radio and dd hates our music. I'm happy to get her some CDs for xmas but I'm clueless and it goes over her head when friends talk about it so she can't make her own requests.

Songs that she loves which have been unavoidable for even me include dance monkey, old town road, shout out to my ex and juice by lizzo.

Although I'm really open to her listening to her own music, I absolutely cannot stand little mix so I'd rather not encourage that one. She has listened to some of their other songs and wasn't fussed so I'm not just being cruel! The other choices I'm not sure if they're appropriate album options.


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Plump82 · 25/10/2020 13:00

My neice is 8 and im afraid its Little Mix for her! She also loves the songs youve mentioned. She doesnt tend to listen to full albums yet though. Just the odd songs she likes via Alexa.

PineappleUpsideDownCake · 25/10/2020 13:03

Mine just listens to songs from frozen or greatest showman. And the odd song she's picked up from school she asks Alexa to play🤷‍♀️.

Bohboh · 25/10/2020 13:10

Dd listens to songs from films (monster high, Equestria girls etc).

I'd never allow her to listen to crap like Little mix.

Rockbird · 25/10/2020 13:19

Taylor Swift mostly and Little Mix occasionally. She does like things like the Greatest Showman and Frozen too.

devildeepbluesea · 25/10/2020 13:20

DD is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson

skelesheridan · 25/10/2020 13:22

Songs from descendants, songs from Just Dance. Also asks Alexa for and loves heavy metal!

FrolickingLemon · 25/10/2020 13:38

My 8 year old likes Bruno Mars, Olly Murs Stereophonics, Pink, Justin Timberlake and ACDC! Also loves ABBA. To he fair, it's mostly because a lot of these artists have had their music feature in films. So while some of the artists complete material isn't necessarily suitable, she just asks Alexa for certain songs. I don't think I'd ever buy her CDs. I don't buy them myself anymore.

NotExactlyMrsCurrentAffairs · 25/10/2020 13:40

Mine is obsessed with BlackPink

Ihatesandwiches · 25/10/2020 13:46

DD uses Spotify. She started listening to The Greatest Showman /Mamma Mia soundtracks. And Little Mix. She listens to the Daily Mix and 'likes' songs, so it suggests others for her. Would this be an idea?

Anotherthink · 25/10/2020 14:17

Hmm was thinking CDs as I hadn't considered an alexa in her room where it was for... Not sure whether I like that idea or not! Do your 8yo have their own alexa or just free to use the 'family' one whenever they want to listen to music? Not sure what the problem would be, just hadn't thought of it before

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Ihatesandwiches · 25/10/2020 16:29

Spotify is on the TV in the living room. We listen to a lot of music. I was just thinking it might help you work out which groups / artists she likes. DD has a CD player and cds in her room for when I don't want Spotify in the living room :-)

Stompythedinosaur · 25/10/2020 17:40

My dds are 7 and 9. They use alexa a lot for song requests, and there's a station on alexa called Kid Pop which is fairly solid.

midnightstar66 · 25/10/2020 17:48

My 10 and 7 year old have had their own Alexa for 3 years. It's fab and they do often listen to radio channels (lots of digital ones) on it as well as requesting certain songs. Both dc just like regular chart stuff. Dd7's most requested is Ed sheerans castle on the hill and the Annie sound track. They also make Spotify playlists with their friends which are available to listen to via Alexa. Yes there will be some little mix in there but random songs rather than them being a fan of certain groups

skelesheridan · 25/10/2020 17:57

My 8yr old and 3yr old have their own Alexa. They love it. The eldest listens to Amazon Storytime while going to sleep

DragonPie · 25/10/2020 18:05

We have Spotify, you can turn off explicit lyrics. Or download Spotify kids.

Mine like Dua Lipa, Little Mix I’m afraid, Take That, Queen, Dance Monkey, Old Town Road, The Weeknd, Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga.

They make their own playlists on Spotify.

Chevron123 · 25/10/2020 18:15

I think at 8 I was still buying the odd CD - there’s a compilation one that is like Now! but aimed at kids (can’t remember the name). Now they have their phone and a wireless speaker in their room but I don’t let them have Alexa.

FranKatzenjammer · 25/10/2020 18:15

On Spotify, there is a great playlist of the original versions of all the songs which featured in The Voice Kids UK 2020. There are loads of different genres represented including pop, rock, soul, jazz, R&B, rap and even opera; they are all child-friendly tracks, covering several decades. This might be a good way for your DD to find out what she likes. The Now CDs are also still going strong (although I stopped listening to those around 35 years ago!).

Chevron123 · 25/10/2020 18:17

Just checked and the Now compilations are specifically aimed at kids so no swearing (never noticed that before).

Anotherthink · 25/10/2020 18:45

Thanks all some great suggestions. Think I need to help her out a bit so will try to get us using alexa for her music more and will try that kids station. I'll keep an eye out for an echo dot of her own in a black friday deal but I'm so crap at all this...not sure if I could be confident enough that I have all the correct settings in place. I also hate having to always be paying spotify subscriptions so go for the deals when they're available.

If I don't iron those problems out then I'll look at the latest now CDs - that's a blast from the past 🤣

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