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Older boys clothes

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MillieEpple · 24/10/2020 20:52

Where do you all get older boys clothes? My youngest seems to be too tall for childrens clothes but not man shaped enough/tall enough for mens clothes. They all seem to stop at 12 years old but he is nearly 11 struggles. Im trying to find some pyjamas in particular

OP posts:
Sunnydaysstillhere · 24/10/2020 20:55

I like H & M..

MillieEpple · 24/10/2020 20:59

Thank you. Just checked their website and they go up to 14. So thats a good start Smile

OP posts:
haba · 24/10/2020 21:04

Yes, H&M mostly here. His pyjamas are John Lewis, but he's almost out of them and I'm not certain they go higher than 12.
I think Next go up to 16 but I've never bought from them.

haba · 24/10/2020 21:06

The H&M size 14+ is pretty generous- my eldest is 5'4" and in their 14+ size, and I also wear hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeved tops in that size too, as a size 10 adult!

BikeRunSki · 24/10/2020 21:12

My very tall just 12 year old DS has a lot of clothes from Next and Sainsbury’s. Next has a lot of larger sizes on line. He’s in the biggest Sainsbury’s size now though, which is worrying! Still get a bit of plainer stuff from Boden for him. Fortunately he’s not to bothered about clothes, his main criteria are “warm” and “preferably orange”.

IggyAce · 24/10/2020 21:17

Next & M&S both go upto 16years online.

2020hasbeenbloodyawful · 24/10/2020 21:18

Next is great!

MillieEpple · 24/10/2020 21:18

I think my mistake has been going in store!

OP posts:
HungryPies · 24/10/2020 21:23

Yes there's very few things in store. Next stop at about 12 I think and you have to look online instead. Very annoying at first!
H&M is my go-to for my son. They do 12-14 then 14+.

missyB1 · 24/10/2020 21:31

H&M /Marks and Spencer / sports shops /odd bits from mountain warehouse

It’s very tricky buying for this age group. I’m trying to find a pair of winter boots for my nearly 12 year old as trainers aren’t always great in bad weather but I’m struggling. Oh and a waterproof coat that will fit over his blazer seems to be very elusive too.

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