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High Strength Vit D & Vit C

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lotsofthingstolearn · 24/10/2020 20:33

No idea what I am looking for or where to get the best 'deals' but I've been told that we should perhaps look at supplements in Vit D and Vit C - my husband is vulnerable re CV19.

Has anyone got any wisdom they could share please?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 24/10/2020 20:38

Maximum recommended vitamin D is 100ug per day or 4000IU - usual recommended amount is 10ug /400IU

Don't know anything about vitamin C, sorry

I've read on here that Vitamin K is good to take alongside Vitamin D and you get some supplements combining both D and K

DianaT1969 · 24/10/2020 20:41

I saw on here that Costco vit D is good value.

dementedpixie · 24/10/2020 20:43

I got mine from Amazon. And got the children spray ones from there too

IAintentDead · 24/10/2020 20:50

If there is any way you can get tested first it would be good.

4000 is a reasonable maintenance dose but upto 20,000 is good to get you up to optimum levels initially. Although whilst taking 20,000 D3, taking K2 alongside it will make sure it gets to the right place.

I take 8000 a day in winter and 4000 a day in summer but I do struggle to keep my levels up.

A good one will be in spray form or in oil in a gel capsule (take it with a meal with some fat in it too for max efficiency)

Vitamin C is easier. I like the effervescent ones from Aldi

A good extra is zinc which is also essential for a healthy immune system. Again - a supermarket or similar is fine for the zinc

Unless anyone knows better

ScribblingMilly · 24/10/2020 20:51

I'm no expert but I Googled & took advice from various newspaper articles. I'm taking Vitamin D3 1,000U by Nutribioticals - I got 15 months supply from Amazon for just under £8. I also got some Zincovit-C which I read in the NYTimes is supposed to stop the virus affecting your lungs if you do catch it - you suck them to get it onto your throat it said. I think it's worth Googling around for research & advice.

lotsofthingstolearn · 24/10/2020 21:37

Thanks- been on H&B ordered spray for DH and I and chewables for the children! £15 as got 20% off and the buy one get one for 1p- so not bad I don't think! Lets see how goes

OP posts:
mindutopia · 24/10/2020 21:41

The usual daily dose of vitamin D is 4000IU. It's cheap and you can get it anywhere. I think I got 365 tablets (a years supply) on Amazon for about 9 quid. You can take higher doses if you are vitamin D deficient. I used to regularly take 8000-10,000IU when my levels were low.

Vitamin C is also cheap. It's water soluble, so you really can't take too much. 1000mg is a good daily dose, but you can take several thousand more. Zinc is also good, whatever the usual dose it comes in is fine.

dementedpixie · 24/10/2020 21:46

4000IU is not the usual daily dose, it is the maximum recommended dose. I would never take more than that without medical advice.

I take 1000IU

monkeytennis97 · 24/10/2020 21:51

I take 4000iu vit D in autumn /winter and 2000iu in spring/summer. Also take vit c and zinc tablet a day from tesco.

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