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Price for carpetting

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WentworthPrison · 24/10/2020 13:18

Roughly how much would it cost for a medium quality carpet and fitting for house stairs and upper hall. I know it'll be approximate but I'd like to know a rough cost so I know if quotes are well out. It's not a large space but there's a fair few stairs as it goes around a corner too. Thanks.

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NotTheToothFairy22 · 24/10/2020 13:37

Mine is 14 straight stairs and then a Z shaped landing of about 8ft long on the straight part and about 3.5ft wide. The top and bottom of the Z shape are small about 4ftx3ft each. I didn't want anything expensive as we're moving next year I hope but nothing that would be flat in a few weeks of walking on it. £150 for the carpet and £50 to fit it.

We are in quite a cheap area of Ireland though.

purpledagger · 24/10/2020 13:57

We paid about £500 for our hallway, stairs landing and a living room.

I'd recommend going to an independent carpet fitter as they were much cheaper than the big chains.

purpledagger · 24/10/2020 13:57

.... we are in Greater London

Jellysplat · 24/10/2020 14:17

I had a 3.5x3.5 room done with good quality underlay and carpet for £300. I had 13 stairs and a 8mx1m hallway done with lower quality for around the same I seem to remember. I’m in the SE

WentworthPrison · 24/10/2020 17:47

Thank you.

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