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Inspiring/life affirming classic movies?

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PuppyMonkey · 24/10/2020 11:25

Our girls (13 and 14 years) have been enjoying our Friday night classic movie nights. They love Shawshank, Amadeus and those really emotional uplifting films, usually 1990s/ 2000s but I think they’d cope with earlier...we’ve done Hitchcock and Audrey Hepburn etc

They’re still young but they can cope with slightly more mature stuff, we FF through any violence or sexual stuff. And they reckon they hear so much swearing at school they can cope with hearing the odd fuck ShockGrin

So any further suggestions???

OP posts:
Spottysausagedogs · 24/10/2020 15:40

Trueman show's a good one

quarentini · 24/10/2020 15:42

The colour purple

Readandwalk · 24/10/2020 15:43

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Sing Street
The Commitments
International Velvet

UnitedRoad · 24/10/2020 15:46

Erin Brockovich?

PuppyMonkey · 24/10/2020 18:46

Thanks - yes we’ve done Titanic, Trueman Show etc. The others are on my list now, love it!! We’re sorted for a couple of months now with this lot. Grin

OP posts:
TheSeedsOfADream · 24/10/2020 19:53

I've added some to my list too!

Also- the Breakfast Club- which in the 80s I didn't really "get". I watched it with DD (along with another bunch of 80s movies) and she loved it and said she really related to it- because it was about misfits and rebels and friendship and being ok with being yourself and shit families and so much more than it seems to be at first glance.
I've since used it in class and the kids really relate to it.

Hels20 · 24/10/2020 19:56

My DH always says Ferris Bueller changed his life and made him really think about seizing the moment

GlennRheeismyfavourite · 24/10/2020 20:01

The impossible and the blind dude - both amazing films - the impossible is quite difficult to watch in places (probably more for a parent than child!) - both are true stories and really uplifting

GlennRheeismyfavourite · 24/10/2020 20:02

Blind side not dude!!

GlennRheeismyfavourite · 24/10/2020 20:05

That one with will smith where he is homeless with his son and works really hard to get a good job - also a true story but can't remember what it's called!!

GlennRheeismyfavourite · 24/10/2020 20:05

The pursuit of happiness!!

audreyand · 24/10/2020 20:06

Girl, interrupted
In the name of the father
The Help

GlennRheeismyfavourite · 24/10/2020 20:07

Ooh yes - the help and the butler and hidden figures

EscapeTheCastle · 24/10/2020 20:33

Atonement. Available on Netflix at the moment.

Mollscroll · 24/10/2020 20:40

The Color Purple is a good call. Fab music too.

AFlockOfKnots · 24/10/2020 21:28

The English Patient (for the character Hana, Juliet Binoche)

Saving Private Ryan (for the character Ryan, as an old man, at the war graves)

Schindler's List (for Schindler's ..."I could have got one more person, one more person...and I didn't" scene)

Crazyhorses123 · 24/10/2020 21:40

The green book

PuppyMonkey · 24/10/2020 22:35

Oh yes we've done Ferris and Breakfast Club already. The Help is a great call... and Happyness and Color Purple and Girl interrupted yes yes.

Hmm, I absolutely hated the English Patient, but perhaps I shouldn't allow my prejudices to inform the debate ha ha. Is it really a life affirming film? Hmm

OP posts:
NomadNoMore · 24/10/2020 22:39

Life is Beautiful

Marsis · 24/10/2020 22:44

Rain man might be worth a try

Lonecatwithkitten · 24/10/2020 22:50

Chariots of Fire
Not without my daughter
The fault in our stars

Lia73 · 24/10/2020 23:02

I see someone.has suggested Life is Beautiful which would be my recommendation. Amazing film!

TerryWoganFanGirl · 24/10/2020 23:02

Pretty in Pink
Brewster’s Millions
Gone With The Wind

quarentini · 24/10/2020 23:19

Good will Hunting
Field of dreams
The Theory of everything
Brave heart

Teaseall · 25/10/2020 00:41

Shirley Valentine
Educating Rita
The Full Monty

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