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What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam · 24/10/2020 10:42

Morning all :)

I'm just having my cuppa, with the kitchen window wide open, listening to the wind in the trees & occasional sounds from neighbours. Dd2 is watching Minecraft videos on Youtube.

Dd1 & their dad are still sleeping.

We've not got much planned for today, I think everyone's ready for a lazy one. There's last night's washing up & some clothes washing to be done at some point. & a pile of cooking apples I'll turn into apple sauce & something else.

Dd2 wants to decorate (inside of) the house for Halloween so I'll send their dad up in the loft later on & we'll spend a couple of hours doing that.

Later on, I'm going to re-start the crochet bee I attempted yesterday & might make some of the Advent houses I printed with dd2. Dd1 might join us 🤷‍♀️

What about you lot? :)

OP posts:
unmarkedbythat · 24/10/2020 10:45

Taking ds2 to his football match soon. This afternoon ds3 and I have plans to make posters of the number work he needs to practise for school (his half term report says he is kind and respectful and friendly, but gently encourages us to motivate him to do a bit of actual work) and I have promised to try and make a giant jaffa cake :)

maadlady · 24/10/2020 11:01

Good Morning.
I have been for a walk in the wind and rain now having a read and going to make a lasagne for lunch.
Hope you all have a nice day Smile

DeeDimer · 24/10/2020 11:08

DH moved out on Monday when I found out about his sex texting/emotional affair. Been a shit week.
So today I'm off work, candles lit and going to try to finish this bloody dissertation!

NorthernPowermouse · 24/10/2020 11:11

Been playing in the garden with the kids this morning, now they’ve gone off to the park with dp so I can clean. Having breakfast and coffee first though. Meant to rain this afternoon so we’ll be stuck inside. Have a good day everyone.

LucyWarlowsRightHand · 24/10/2020 11:11

Feeling a bit rough today with chemotherapy (which is otherwise going well). Going to take it easy, relax, have a tidy up and go out for a
walk with the children. Right now I’m in my favourite chair with Mumsnet, and the children are deciding what they want to watch on telly.

Foxyloxy1plus1 · 24/10/2020 11:15

Gearing up to dunk the bedroom blinds in the bath. Did the downstairs ones earlier in the week and they’ve come up a treat. Hoping these will be the same.

KoalaRabbit · 24/10/2020 11:33

Sorry you're having to go through chemo Lucy hope you feel better soon.

We just had an offer on our house for sale last night so are negiotating this morning, hoping to reach a deal today and I've been getting a solicitor set up. Other than that watching Netflix Interior Design Masters drinking tea and DH is going to cook us a roast dinner. Told the kids I booked a pumpkin field place for Friday, DD (14) was like are you feeling OK, DS (13) was keen to come once he found out they sold burgers and hog roast, DH was keen as well, just need OK weather.

badlydrawnbear · 24/10/2020 12:33

I don’t know. It’s my birthday, but I didn’t book anywhere to go so we can’t go anywhere. I got up, opened presents from DH and DC, cooked 2 breakfasts because DC wanted various things, played with DC, am about to wash up so we can have lunch. My family (parents, siblings) will insist on a zoom meeting this evening (I hate zoom). I should probably pretend I want to go to the park in the wind and the rain later or DC will sit in the house in their pyjamas for the second day in a row.

lucysmam · 24/10/2020 13:38

@LucyWarlowsRightHand being snuggled in your favourite chair sounds nice. I hope you feel better soon Thanks

@badlydrawnbear happy birthday Cake. You should do something for you as well as taking the dc to the park!

I'm just about to make apple sauce; it's taking some getting going today & I cba with much

OP posts:
H1978 · 24/10/2020 13:42

Just back from home bargains and a local furniture place. Now just relaxing with dds watching Pirates of the Caribbean on Disney +.

Dh working this afternoon so will prepare dinner later, sticky chicken wings and homemade chips. It’s miserable weather here, so glad to be in, snuggling in my blanket. Grin

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