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How often do you bathe children?

26 replies

Newfosterer · 23/10/2020 22:21

My own children have always had a bath each night as part of bedtime routine but now I have 2 foster children also to care for. By the time they have got home from school, had contact (4 times a week) and eaten their meal there isn’t much time left for a bath before bed. Especially as there is 1 bathroom and now 5 children using it.

I’m wondering if I can separate bath nights so they are not all having a bath on the same night to make life easier and get a better bedtime but how often would you think is ok? I was thinking foster children bath on the 3 days they don’t have contact each week and my children on 3 of the days they do have contact. Is this often enough?

OP posts:
Feetupteashot · 23/10/2020 22:24

Every other night sounds plenty. Flannel hands and face mornings

Until they become smelly teen-agers I guess :)

Gooseysgirl · 23/10/2020 22:27

Every other night is fine. I tend to shower my kids for speed - in and out in two mins. Wash hair a couple of times a week.

Sally872 · 23/10/2020 22:27

Every other night for mine unless particularly dirty in between times.

CityDweller · 23/10/2020 22:28

We bath ours 3 x per week on average. Little kids don’t really get that smelly!

OhToBeASeahorse · 23/10/2020 22:30

We've just switched from every day to every other day and it's fine. Good face and hand wash on the non bath day.

PineappleUpsideDownCake · 23/10/2020 22:31

About 3 times a week. Often a shower.

firstimemamma · 23/10/2020 22:32

My 2 year old gets 3 baths a week and always looks / smells clean.

Toilenstripes · 23/10/2020 22:34

Every time this subject gets recycled, which is about once a fortnight. Along with ‘how often do you wash your sheets?’

20mum · 23/10/2020 22:34

Shower? Weekly baths were usual for possibly a couple of centuries, for most of the people who would have considered themselves clean. Washing with a face flannel on other days. Soon, we will have to take water seriously. Cape Town had a seven bucket rule, and even though the population are now permitted more, they use half what they once did. They don't waste now, but the rest of S.A does.
Some part of u.k. is getting to the Cape Town point, with reserves gone. Climate change is serious.

SexyGiraffe · 23/10/2020 22:38

Usually I would say 3 times a week is fine, but right now with increased health risks, I want DD clean every night. Often that is a shower however.

Mylittlepony374 · 23/10/2020 22:51

3x a week.

EmeraldShamrock · 23/10/2020 22:52

Every 2nd night they look scruffy otherwise. Flannel wash on alternative nights. 3 x week.

Newfosterer · 23/10/2020 23:01

Thanks that’s helpful. After 10 years of every night it didn’t feel quite enough. Unfortunately only the eldest one will use the shower. So it’s a long queue for the bath. I’ll try every other night once back at school and see how they get on, at least until they reduce the excessive 4 times a week contact.

OP posts:
underneaththeash · 23/10/2020 23:03

It depends on their ages and puberty. My DS (14) and DD(9) have to have a daily shower - DS has his in the morning.
DS2 (12) can do 2-3 days.
Most small children are fine for 2-3 days.

Newfosterer · 24/10/2020 00:54

@underneaththeash They are 6, 7, 7, 9 and 14. The teen one uses the shower so won’t be affected. He NEEDS daily showers! It’s the younger ones that I’m thinking alternate days for.

OP posts:
AldiAisleofCrap · 24/10/2020 01:02

Once a week.

LeSquigh · 24/10/2020 06:46

I always bathed once a week as a child - on a Sunday after the immersion had been in, it was the only day we had hot water. My kids tend to have a bath at least every other day, but mostly every day. I know it’s not necessary but with the 3 year old at least it’s a bit of a routine for her.

NatalieH2220 · 24/10/2020 07:39

My 3 year old has a bath 3 times a week. Usually more in the summer if he's grubby.

NeonGenesis · 24/10/2020 07:45

At 6,7 and 9 they really don't need a bath every night. Obviously the 14 year old will, but he can sort himself out.

Alternating nights is fine. My kids get one probably 3 times a week.

dinodiva · 24/10/2020 08:08

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (hair wash night) here.

DinoGreen · 24/10/2020 08:13

My DS is 4.5 and has a bath approx every other night. Shower for speed if we’re in a rush. Try and get them to tolerate the shower, it’s so much quicker!

SqidgeBum · 24/10/2020 08:15

My 2 year old gets bathed twice a week. I dont know why any kid would need to be bathed every day. They dont smell, dont roll around in mud, we dont live in a particularly hot country where we sweat a lot. Once they have clean hands and faces, there is no need. I remember as a kid I used to get bathed once a week up to about 7 or 8 years of age, on a Saturday. We would then sit and have a pizza and chips dinner in our pjs and watch the 'big big movie' (kids movie at 6:30pm) on one of the few tv stations we had.


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FelicityBob · 24/10/2020 08:22

I bath mine (3 and 4) every night, I feel like they need it because they often have smelly bits! Plus it passes some time in the evenings Grin

EmeraldShamrock · 24/10/2020 10:01

Fair play looking after the 5 DC. Flowers
Do you have access to a shower it cuts the time and waste in half.
In the summer you can put a pool with bubble bath out in the evenings.

IdblowJonSnow · 24/10/2020 10:07

My younger one every other night.
My older one decided when she was 9 that she wanted a shower every day.

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