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Any genuine work from home jobs?

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TheGreyElephant · 23/10/2020 16:33

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I’m asking as I have a DC who has disabilities but can’t get DLA for them (despite applying repeatedly and taking it to appeal). I want to work anyway, but need to be about for DC at least for the next few years while they’re still at primary school. I’m a single parent with limited help from ExH.

Obviously want to avoid MLMs.

I can type fairly quickly; have Alevels and an incomplete degree. Set up at home is desktop, but I can get a laptop. I also have a webcam and can purchase a headset with a microphone if needed and the laptop has a built in microphone and webcam.

Needs to have the flexibility so I can do appointments for my DC but I am happy to make time up at weekends or in the evenings. I am happy to travel into an office a few times a month as long as it doesn’t clash with DCs appointments- I don’t have my own car but can drive and borrow a car from parents or I’m happy to travel on buses and trains I’m about 20 minutes drive from a fairly station that has trains to London, Liverpool, Birmingham etc fairly regularly to (London one for example is twice an hour). School is 9am-3pm atm but there is a breakfast and after school club available from 7.15am up to 6pm, DD can cope with 2 or 3 days a week but only either ASC or Breakfast not both on the same day (although as an occasional one off it’d be ok)

Happy to do anything, as long as it’s legal and going to make money. I only need to make about £200 a week but I need it to be an actual job so I can get Job Centre off my back (it was their suggestion for WFH if I can because they know I am busy with DC).


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CallingOnAvengingAngels · 23/10/2020 16:37

HSBC call centre workers who were based in Birmingham are recruiting fully wfh workers right now, DP works for them and they have new starters who have been recuited since March who are fully home based from all over the country.

LaurieFairyCake · 23/10/2020 16:37

ALL jobs at the moment Grin

Apply for a council job, civil service all areas - mostly remote

TheGreyElephant · 23/10/2020 16:39


ALL jobs at the moment Grin

Apply for a council job, civil service all areas - mostly remote

I've applied for stuff like that but been rejected as apparently the "quality of applicants is so high". I will keep trying though. It's so hard as I really want to work but really want to and need to be about for DD
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FizzyPink · 23/10/2020 16:42

What are your skills OP? What did you do before the children?

TheGreyElephant · 23/10/2020 16:45


What are your skills OP? What did you do before the children?

I haven't worked since University where I worked in a supermarket for a few hours a week. I got pregnant in my final year at University, was in a relationship with my DDs father who wouldn't let me work (amongst other things) I left him a few years ago and I've been coping financially since then. DD is 6, year 2.

I don't really know what skills I have. I want to work though so I suppose I need to find them
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