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SAD lamps

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Binglebong · 23/10/2020 15:43

I've come to the conclusion that I need a SAD lamp (let's face it, we need all the help we can get this year!). I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? There seem to be a huge number out there and I'm lost.


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Prokupatuscrakedatus · 23/10/2020 16:19

I just ordered a Breuer TL 30 for my office desk. We've already got one in DH office and he started to use it again, so I ordered my own.

Gohackyourself · 23/10/2020 16:21

I ordered a desktop size one from Amazon few years back for about £28.
Aslong as it’s medical grade lighting it should be ok.
I can’t say if it works too much but the light is gladly received on these darker mornings now !

Ritlock · 23/10/2020 16:50

I have this one, it's pricier then my last one but worth its weight in gold, life changing for me. I also have one of the natural light alarms too.

EmbarrassedUser · 23/10/2020 17:00

The lumie ones are great. I’m epileptic (not photo-sensitive) but somehow it still seems to have helped with my seizures 🤪

MarmiteWine · 23/10/2020 17:00

I also have the Beurer TL30, which I bought at what looked to be a good price on Prime Day. Too early to say if it's having any real benefits but I'll settle for the placebo effect!

Binglebong · 24/10/2020 00:39

Hmm, the beurer one says to use at 10cm. The Lumie one can be used at 50cm, although you don't need to use it for as long if it's closer.

Why is nothing ever easy?!

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