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Urgh. Zopiclone

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namechangedyetagain · 23/10/2020 13:14

For a variety of reasons, I'm not sleeping. And so as I'm on my knees with exhaustion the doctor has prescribed zopiclone. I have taken it for 2 days running and although i have managed a good 7 hours sleep or so I have a revolting taste in my mouth.

Any ideas how to get rid of it? Constantly eating and drinking which isn't helping!

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startrekkingacrosstheuniverse · 23/10/2020 13:32

Oh God I remember that . It does go eventually, I used to constantly suck on tictacs, tunes etc . I was convinced they’d added it intentionally to prevent abuse of it !

namechangedyetagain · 23/10/2020 14:56

Well that would make sense! I may get some sleep but I'll be even fatter with all the sweets I am eating Shock

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