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Your best puddings for two?

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BlenheimOrange · 22/10/2020 14:55

Winter is coming, as well as wave 2. I want to find indoors things to take pleasure in day to day, plus DH and I want to get back into having the occasional brief date night at home (no pubs or babysitters) after DS is finally in bed. This means our date nights should definitely involve making puddings.

So what are your best puddings for two? What can we enjoy making together at 8.30 on a wet November Thursday that won’t have leftovers all week? Hit me up with your delicious puddings that work for 2. I only seem to have recipes to feed a crowd!

Here’s my one contribution, to start us off. You can make it in individual ramekins and cook about 10-12 mins:

OP posts:
BlenheimOrange · 22/10/2020 22:12

No one? I can’t believe MN is a pudding free zone...

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UsernameTaken76 · 22/10/2020 22:15

I made individual apple crumble to follow stew & dumplings this week. It’s properly getting into the time for comfort food. I used this recipe and it was lovely with a scoop of ice cream

InTheLongGrass · 22/10/2020 22:19

My best suggestion is a variation on yours, so not much help. But it comes from this web site which might provide some inspiration.

Tillygetsit · 23/10/2020 00:32

This is a quick and easy one...Put jam/lemon curd/nutella/golden syrup/honey/marmalade into the bottom of a microwaveable bowl. Cover in cake mix. Cook in microwave for 4 mins and turn out.
Sponge pudding without the faff.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander · 23/10/2020 00:34

There's no such thing as pudding for 2. Pudding is always for 1.

Mug cakes. Any and all of them. DS makes one with chocolate spread and peanut butter. It tastes like Reeses Pieces.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander · 23/10/2020 00:38

He uses this recipe but replaces half the chocolate spread with peanut butter.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners · 23/10/2020 00:38

My late DH loved a pudding - his favourite was bananas and custard Grin but he was also a fan of my boozy apple crumble - I added rum soaked sultanas and extra rum to the apples, and cinnamon, allspice and those Amber sugar crystals to the crumble topping. Bloody lovely. An easy but delicious one is to heat up a tin of black cherries in a saucepan with some amaretto, then put some clotted cream flavour ice cream onto broken up meringue nests, and pour the cherries over the top.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 23/10/2020 05:27
Bloodybridget · 23/10/2020 06:28

Poached plums with a scoop of vanilla iceceam or Greek yogurt. Add a sprinkling of granola if you want. I've been buying a kilo punnet of plums, cooking them all together (with soft brown sugar, cinnamon and some water), then freezing them in quantities that will do 2 helpings each for the two of us.
A baked apple is easy too, but you would need to put it in the oven earlier than 8.30.

BlenheimOrange · 23/10/2020 08:35

These all look brilliant, the suggestions and the links! I haven’t made a mug cake since a couple of nasty tasting attempts in student kitchens, but shall have to try again... Love the idea of rum in crumble esp as I’m pg so that way would have the taste without the booze.

Speaking of freezing stuff, there’s a great nigella recipe for no churn ice cream

OP posts:
Happynow001 · 23/10/2020 09:52

Treacle toffee pudding with custard

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