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If you were getting a pet, cat or a dog and why?

24 replies

cactusdog · 22/10/2020 12:03

Thinking about the pet I'll get when the kids are a bit older and think I'd go for dog purely because cats kill so many little things :(
What would you choose?

OP posts:
Toddlerteaplease · 22/10/2020 12:07

Cat. Every time. Low maintenance! And wonderful company.

Toddlerteaplease · 22/10/2020 12:07

And not all are hunters. My pair of Persians couldn't catch a cold.

PinkSparklyPussyCat · 22/10/2020 12:14

Cat for the same reason as Toddler and also because I hate the smell of wet dog!

DelphineWalsh · 22/10/2020 12:14

Our cat catches the mice but doesn't know what to do with it so she just lets it go again.

Whengodwasarabbit · 22/10/2020 12:40

A dog. I’ve actually got 4 now, god knows how that’s happened but they were all in need at the time and all very small breeds so they’re like a little pack.
They honestly are the happiest moments in my day the ones spent with them, they make me laugh, they get me out walking and it’s so lovely especially these Autumn mornings. They are just pure joy and innocence.
They’ve shown me how to enjoy the moment I’m in and help me feel content and calm.
Cats are gorgeous too but I’m allergic to them sadly.

Sunnydaysstillhere · 22/10/2020 12:42

Also have 4 ddogs!!
1 dcat.. He is waaay to fat and lazy to kill anything except a Dreamie...

Sparklfairy · 22/10/2020 12:47

I wouldn't get a dog again. Mine flooded the house (!), would come home almost every day to absolute destruction, the commitment of walking rain or shine, couldn't go on holiday...

Cat is my bestie Grin

Newbeginningsnow · 22/10/2020 12:48

We got cats just because they’re much lower maintenance. We don’t have a lifestyle that would suit dog ownership at the moment but maybe one day :)

I love my cats so much it hurts.

MaudesMum · 22/10/2020 12:50

Cat. Don't need walking - dogs do. Can be left alone for one night - dogs can only be left alone for a few hours.

Recruit2020 · 22/10/2020 12:54

@sunnydaysstillhere a dreamie Grin literally lol because its true!

Team Cat and Dog here. I know people try and compare but you cant. They are very different. So depends on what you want and is suitable to your family.

Dogs are loving and loyal and need you and it makes you feel all awwww my fur baby

Cats are loving and loyal if they want to be. They dont need you. They want you. They make you feel ego boosted if they choose you.

Get both. Jokes

LazyFace · 22/10/2020 12:54

Cats can be kept indoors, you can play with them so they won't kill little things, just a feather toy. Your children can still play in the garden without dodging landmines left by a dog.
They don't need a walk, will happily sleep all day and won't have separation issues. If you feed raw, there's no poo/pee smell.
A lot less fur to clean up. Ah, you can leave for a random weekend without having to take a cat or organise someone to visit/walk.

Twizbe · 22/10/2020 12:57

I always thought I'd have a dog, but my SiL recently got a lock down puppy.

Seeing that first hand has completely put me off having dogs (unless we end up having to adopt this one 🙄)

So I'm thinking a cat now for us

bluebluezoo · 22/10/2020 12:58

Depends on the cat or dog!

I find our dog lower maintenance than cats. I don’t have that permanent worry over where he is and will he come back. Current cat is also a rescue so while i can drop the dog off with friends or family to go away, i need to sort a house sitter for the cat as cattery stresses her. I can take the dog with me to most places, days out, weekends away etc. Cat takes more organisation.

I’ve cats way more needy than dogs.

bluebluezoo · 22/10/2020 13:01

I wouldn't get a dog again. Mine flooded the house (!), would come home almost every day to absolute destruction, the commitment of walking rain or shine, couldn't go on holiday..

I’ve had cats like that. One that could only live on his own, we had to split the pair of siblings as they went through several toasters, video players and shorted the electrics countless times with spraying. For that reason I’d never have more tha. One cat.

Starlight39 · 22/10/2020 13:03

I got a kitten in lockdown because we already have 2 dogs that go with DP to work and wanted a lower maintenance option who would be around the house with us. She has been amazing, super friendly and relaxed and a really lovely addition to the house with very little effort. She was litter trained when she arrived (and has had no accidents) and I've been letting her go outside for the past month. She also curls up on my knee while I'm working.

Saucery · 22/10/2020 13:04

Both! Grin
I wouldn’t have another cat in the house we live in as it’s too close to a road that is busy at school run time.

Slight edge towards dog, if I could have only one choice. I like getting out and about with a dog, so that would swing it for me.

DSsnmum · 22/10/2020 13:08

Definitely cat. Much cleaner, lower maintenance. Only one of mine ever brought back presents and he doesn’t do that since we have moved to a more urban area. You get what you put in with cats, cuddle when they want it, leave them alone when they want it and they will be affectionate back.

PalTheGent · 22/10/2020 13:09

The choice, for me, is less "which would I prefer?" and more "which would be happier in the lifestyle I can provide?".

Cats/ and dogs are not interchangeable, despite both being popular. A cat is happier with a different kind/level of care than a dog.

Personalities do vary but a dog requires a LOT more input to be happier, typically. For example, it is unlikely to get one that will be happy with being left alone while everyone is out at work/school. It does happen, but not as regularly as most people kid themselves that it does. It would be wrong, to me, to choose a pet for an environment that has an increased chance of being unhappy in that environment.

WooMaWang · 22/10/2020 13:15

Neither. I’d get a rat.

PalTheGent · 22/10/2020 13:22

There's a lot to be said for a rat....

cactusdog · 22/10/2020 13:57

Great points made, especially re going away and having a dog.
I do have a dog and he's a really lap dog. He's quite old, not bothered with walks but is very, very needy which I find hard with baby and toddler.
I loooooved my cat growing up. I think I'd lean more towards a cat, two downsides for me, worrying when they go out that they won't come back and devastation they cause to wildlife :(
But I do love them!

OP posts:
cactusdog · 22/10/2020 13:58

Ooooh rats! Maybe I need to start a new thread on the benefits of pet rats, can someone tell me more?

OP posts:
cactusdog · 22/10/2020 13:58

Preferably with cute photos!

OP posts:
scissy · 22/10/2020 14:57

Neither. We've always gone for small pets instead as they are even lower maintenance and don't kill things.

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