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NightCzar · 22/10/2020 08:06

White dog poo. I haven't seen one in years. I thought dogs or their diets had changed. It was a real thing of my childhood - dog poo on the pavement was often white.

I do live in Perth now, so perhaps Australian dogs are different.

So, readers, do English dogs still do white poos?

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Handsnotwands · 22/10/2020 08:36

We get white dog poos if they get missed in the garden for a few days. I think it’s because our dog eats raw food so a high bone content.

My theory is that dig food used to be ‘poor quality’ and contain bone. Then it went all fancy kibble - no white poo

Also people pick up more and it’s not often left lying around for days (except in our garden)

NightCzar · 22/10/2020 14:08

Is that it? People these days tend to pick it up?

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AriettyHomily · 22/10/2020 14:19

We saw some too, I told my kids. I think it's been so dry here

slipperywhensparticus · 22/10/2020 14:26

Raw diets are becoming more popular plus bones are making a comeback as opposed to those rank rawhide things

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