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Why is this stuck in my head?

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VeggieSausageRoll · 21/10/2020 22:14

For weeks, I've had Symonds Yat in my head. Didn't know what where or who this is. Tonight I've googled it and found that..

"Symonds Yat is a village in the Wye Valley and a popular tourist destination, straddling the River Wye in the English county of Herefordshire, close to the Gloucestershire border. It is within a few miles of Monmouthshire and the Welsh border."

I've never been to the Wye Valley, to my knowledge I've never been to Herefordshire, or Monmouthshire. The only place I've travelled to recently is from Bristol to Cornwall so it's not like I've even passed a sign for it.

Why is it in my brain?!

OP posts:
Heatherjayne1972 · 21/10/2020 22:18

You probably heard it in passing on the radio tv or someone mentioned it near you
It’s weird when this happens

FlibbertyGiblets · 21/10/2020 22:21

Used for filming recently? On countryfile? Kate Humble's Farm is nearby, she was on Ch4 or 5 recently iirc. Or was it on a house hunt type prog (escape to the country thing)?

VeggieSausageRoll · 21/10/2020 22:21

I've just discovered that it's where Sex Education was filmed. I watched that probably back in April or May maybe. I wonder if there's a reference to the actual place name in the series that's just stuck in my little brain....

OP posts:
FlibbertyGiblets · 21/10/2020 22:22

I know. Paul and Bob went fishing on the Wye in their most recent series.

Harmarsuperstar · 21/10/2020 22:22

You probably lived there in a past life. That's the most logical explanation 👍

VeggieSausageRoll · 21/10/2020 22:22

Although in my mind I'd linked it to a beach and a little fishing boat. I think I need more sleep!

OP posts:
VeggieSausageRoll · 21/10/2020 22:23


I know. Paul and Bob went fishing on the Wye in their most recent series.

I have no idea who Paul or Bob are, and can't say I've watched a fishing program since Robson Greens extreme fishing when I was at uni... But that may explain the fishing boat connection
OP posts:
zen1 · 21/10/2020 22:24

They mentioned it on the BBC news a few days ago (can’t remember why!) and I remember thinking I’d been there as a child.

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