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Habit cough?

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StressyMcstresserson · 21/10/2020 17:56

My DD is 3 years old. After she catches a cold she seems to have this silly little coigh she does that lasts MONTHS. Sometimes it's a cough cough cough other times it's just cough like shes clearing her throat but sounds like a cough. I know it's hard to describe over the internet haha. But I'm at the end of my tether with it, inhalers, montelukast, honey, sacrifice to the gods just doesnt work. I'm baffled. We have an appointment with respiratory and feel like I'm wasting there time. She isnt wheezy, she doesnt struggle for breathe. I'm just confused and its driving us nuts her included. Could this be a habit cough? She does it when shes playing and engrossed in her tablet though?
And I will add that an allergist said she has "big and juicy" tonsils (her words lol)

Anything??? Anyone????

OP posts:
BF2748 · 22/10/2020 07:13

It could well be habit, and it maybe that she’s irritating her throat so is over compensating by coughing.

I presume the allergist has ruled out any intolerances etc? Some foods are mucus creating so maybe next time she has a cold try and avoid them and see if it helps.

If it’s a case of something is lingering it would be worth getting her some vitamins and probiotics (acidophilus) one of my nieces use to have colds and coughs that seemed to last forever, nothing seemed to help until the health shop I visit had recommended vitamins and acidophilus and it seemed to clear up and generally is rare she gets anything and if she does it doesn’t linger. You can get drops and powders at that age so it’s quite easy to give to them, but Ofcourse speak to your local health shop- I always prefer independent than the likes of Holland and Barrett I just feel the independents know more what they’re talking about.

HappyThursdays · 22/10/2020 07:22

It could be her tonsils. We never had dd's taken out at that age and I regret it. They caused her a world of problems and eventually age 18 they took them out.

If they are large, you may find food is getting trapped and things tickle her throat but I would think an ENT would pick that up pretty quickly

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