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Anyone ever seen a thread about them?

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MonClareDevole · 21/10/2020 17:48

Just that really - ever been browsing active threads and seen one about you?! I often see a thread title and have a tiny panic before reading the full post Grin

OP posts:
Yeahiknow20 · 21/10/2020 17:57

Haha great question. I do the same.

ChasedByFox · 21/10/2020 17:58

Not about me...but I remember the Pizza Express thread....

SummerHouse · 21/10/2020 17:59

This is about me isn't it? Not again....

dudsville · 21/10/2020 18:00

What happened on the pizza effect thread?

MonClareDevole · 21/10/2020 18:02

@ChasedByFox ooh what was that?

@SummerHouse not about you... but if you want to share...

OP posts:
FlouncerInDenial · 21/10/2020 18:13

I've had that sinking feeling/worry too. Luckily, never had it.

Althpugh, am very proud to report that once on a "the funniest things you've ever read on mn" thread someone quoted one of my comments
(Apologies for slipping in a not-so-stealth boast there!)

ChasedByFox · 21/10/2020 18:14

Someone started a thread complaining about a group of parents and children's behaviour in PE. MNer comes on to say it was them and another MNer!

MonClareDevole · 21/10/2020 18:14

@ChasedByFox amazing!

OP posts:
MonClareDevole · 21/10/2020 18:15

Care to share @FlouncerInDenial?

OP posts:
ChasedByFox · 21/10/2020 18:15

@FlouncerInDenial So you would either be Angela Hernandez, UCM...or Your Minge!

Strangedays20 · 21/10/2020 18:16

Yes. It was my ex-husband! I joined in and it was deleted.

StormBaby · 21/10/2020 18:18

My husbands ex posts on here about him, still, over 6 years after they split up, and it’s all total bollocks. We have a right laugh reading them. She also gives a totally false impression of her life in general. It’s taught me to take what people post online with a very very large pinch of salt. She’s the last person you’d want to take relationship or parenting advice from. Yikes 😬

gobbynorthernbird · 21/10/2020 18:40

Not me but, years ago, I opened a post and it was quite obviously Friend A absolutely slating Friend B. I messaged A and they got it taken down.

FlouncerInDenial · 21/10/2020 18:41

@MonClareDevole. Sorry, it was under a different user name so I can't be specific without giving more links to my names than I would be comfortable with. You'll just have to trust me that I'm very, very funny.

@ChasedByFox. 🤫
I wish! They were all mentioned on the thread. Mine was just a comment.

@Strangedays20 I think I saw that thread

AFlockOfKnots · 21/10/2020 18:42

A gun one!

It was about four years ago. The OP lived with her partner who was something like a forester or farmworker and he had a large collection of guns. OP was deeply concerned about his abnormal 'obsession' with guns and wanted advice. In the process she was assassinating his character. He then joined MN, halfway down something like page 5, and proceeded to ding-dong between the OP and other posters. I can never remember the outcome, only that his opening post was fairly brazen and entertaining following which he tried to bring OP down and provide the full picture. Never got to finish that thread.

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