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Household chores

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thesoundofthepolice · 21/10/2020 12:20

Is there a fair division of house chores in your household?

There's just DH and l, both working full time and both working shifts, rotating shifts so include days, lates and nights.
I work 6 days with 4 off (first day off is off a nightshift so I sleep for a few hours and go to bed early that night) and he works a mixture of 3-6 days with 1-4 off.

I've realised today that my days off are spent fannying around getting the house tidied and cleaned, getting the washing all up to date and out away and just general house upkeep. Where as he goes to the gym and watches tv living his best life. His only contribution is the weekly food shop and dishes after dinner.

If we speak about it he says he'll do whatever I ask him to. He'd never look at a room and thing that need tidied/dusted/windows cleaned. It's driving me insane......rant over

OP posts:
gingerbreadfox · 21/10/2020 12:29

I tend to do a lot more than my DH (mainly because I have OCD and like things done a certain way). We both work full time but mine is a desk based job WFH and his is a physical job so I think it's fair that I do a bit more than him because I tend to have more physical energy left at the end of the day whereas his back and knees will be in bits after manual labour all day!

User0ne · 21/10/2020 12:47

It might sound silly but could you divide the rooms and make a list of what needs to be done in each every day/week? You can each have your rooms and you don't need to remind him as he has a list. Maybe have a "penalty" for failing to do your tasks (eg has to buy you both takeaway on Friday night).

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