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kaleishorrid · 21/10/2020 08:01

I have always been a relatively good sleeper. Over the last six months or so I have not slept very well.

I have bought myself a Fitbit and despite being in bed for eight hours It says I only have proper sleep of less than six. The rest is shown as "restless". This explains why I am constantly tired. Does anybody have any remedies for deep sleep please. I am exhausted and fed up.

Thanks in advance

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SeaToSki · 21/10/2020 11:11

Is your bed comfortable? Is your bedroom cool at night? Do you have any lights showing while ypu sleep?

I would look at your sleeping environment, then consider a bedtime routine.

Also consider taking a magnesium supplement before bed, most people are deficient and it is one of the control mechanisms the body uses to calm down for good sleep

PaperMonster · 21/10/2020 12:29

Epsom salt baths are useful for helping sleep. Also Pzizz app helps too.

kaleishorrid · 21/10/2020 20:42

I definitely need a bed time routine.

I will try the magnesium.

Will check out the App.

Thank you all

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