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Barney the Dinosaur

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marymoocow · 13/10/2007 20:51

" The truth is finally known! Barney seems innocent and sweet but in fact he is Satan. It's all very simple:

  1. Start with the given: CUTE PURPLE DINOSAUR
  2. Change all U's to V's (which is proper Latin anyway): CVTE PVRPLE DINOSAVR

  3. Extract all Roman Numerals: C V V L D I V

  4. Convert into Arabic values: 100 5 5 50 500 1 5

  5. Add all the numbers: 666

    Thus, Barney is Satan. "
OP posts:
blazingsandals · 13/10/2007 21:13

that's terrible (but I always suspected that anyway!)

Washersaurus · 13/10/2007 21:21

'simple' you say?? I've never liked him anyway

marymoocow · 13/10/2007 21:23

I have to admit that i didn't work it all out but found it elsewhere .

OP posts:
Washersaurus · 13/10/2007 21:30

Phew, I was getting worried about you for a min there..and half wondering if you have a genius child who worked it out for you

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