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if you were unsure whether to have kids, has the pandemic & Brexit etc made your mind up one way or the other?

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CurlyhairedAssassin · 20/10/2020 20:28

My kids are late teens now so no longer a decision for me to have to make, but I was thinking the other day about what I would have done if I'd been 17 years younger and considering whether to start a family at this point.

I can't decide if I would have thought "God, no, horrible uncertain world to be bring a child into just now, I'll wait a couple of years", or whether I'd be thinking "sod it, the world has gone to shit, I may as well forge ahead with the things that REALLY matter in life - like family and fulfilling my maternal instincts" etc

I realise people did have babies in stressful periods such as WW2, but contraceptive wasn't freely available as now, so I've been wondering whether the pandemic will have any effect on the birth rate. Anyone a midwife and able to say if there are fewer pregnant women around at the mo?

OP posts:
gurteee · 20/10/2020 20:56

You never know when things are about to change in the world - COVID must have happened during quite a few pregnancies

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