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Anyone done an Access to HE with LearnDirect recently?

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UpToonGirl · 20/10/2020 13:47

Currently a SAHM, youngest is about to start school next year, currently in nursery 3 days. I'm considering starting an Access to HE Diploma with LearnDirect, has anyone done one recently and can let me know what they thought? I'm not sure if I would do Business or Humanities.

I think it will have to be LD as I don't want to commit to a college course where I have to go in due to childcare, plus I've missed the start dates for this year any way, but if anyone has any other suggestions for online providers I'm not set on LD.

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UpToonGirl · 20/10/2020 17:40

Hopeful Bump!

Any thoughts would be appreciated, not particularly using it to get back to work but I don't want to waste time/money if the course is rubbish!

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UpToonGirl · 21/10/2020 13:33

Trying one final bump....

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SaskiaRembrandt · 21/10/2020 13:58

Just bumping this for you.

I have no experience of that particular course, but until recently I worked for a university outreach department and came across a lot of prospective students who had done access courses and found them very good.

SaskiaRembrandt · 21/10/2020 14:00

Also, there is a further education section - it might be worth posting there instead.

PachinkoFreeFood · 25/10/2020 10:13

Bumping for you too! Would your local college do a distance learning one? If you can't attend regularly? I imagine they may offer more support than Learn Direct.

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