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Have I totally missed the boat on Ocado Christmas slots?

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ChristmasDeliverySlots · 20/10/2020 13:00

Long term smart pass holder but never used for Christmas delivery before, somehow I've missed the release of Christmas slots even though I've been on website loads lately

Is that it, or are there more for general release? Can I get any slots with other providers? Use Asda and Tesco at least once a month but don't have a pass

Will have a very very newborn and toddler so would really love a delivery if poss

OP posts:
GrapesAreMyJam · 20/10/2020 13:05

I've never used one as they cost £9.99, even with a smart pass. Whenever I look they are always taken really quickly as well

doctorhamster · 20/10/2020 13:14

You'll probably be able to get one with one of ten other supermarkets. I know tesco give priority to delivery pass holders, but I don't know about the others.

doctorhamster · 20/10/2020 13:15

*the not ten

EmmaGrundyForPM · 20/10/2020 13:22

A couple of years ago I didn't get my act together to get a Christmas slot.

Instead, I bought and froze as much as I could ahead. There is a surprising amount you can buy ahead - cheeses, crackers, chocolates etc. Smoked salmon and pate can last quite long so you can buy ahead. I ordered veg from a local green grocer to have delivered on the 23rd. I always buy my meat from a local butcher so that was no different. The only thing I struggled with was coleslaw as it doesn't keep for more than a few days. In the end I popped into a local small co-OP 3 days before Christmas and managed to buy some, along with some cream.

Clear some freezer space and you can put bread etc in there now.

ChristmasDeliverySlots · 20/10/2020 13:27

True, can get loads in advance and then there's an Aldi nearby for turkey and veg etc

Of course we can go out but was definitely hoping for a delivery this year!

Just curious as to whether Ocado release more or not

OP posts:
Mustbe3ormorecharacters · 20/10/2020 13:29

£9.99? Mine was free with Ocado.

Ethelswith · 20/10/2020 13:51

There were none the first time I looked, but several days had slots when I looked a few days later. So they may be released in batches, as they settle demand and staffing.

This will be the first time I have used a paid slot around Christmas (I watched 'The Good Life' at an impressionable age and am convinced that Christmas will not be delivered!) so fingers crossed it works, and yes I'll also be doing what I did in every or virus year and have at least some things in the freezer (planning to muck it out and make the re-stocking list once half term is over

AuntieStella · 20/10/2020 13:52


I didn't think Ocado did free slots for the days around Xmas. Maybe you spend a lot and get extra special privilege!!

LiveFatsDieYoGnu · 20/10/2020 13:56

£9.99 for the slot and a £90 minimum spend here - I didn't bother. They did offer to refund a month of my smart pass though as I 'wasn't able' to get a slot (I looked and they had all gone within about 12 hours of being released).

TakesTwoToTango · 20/10/2020 13:56

Op, there are slots available on the Ocado site now, late eve on the 20th.

ChristmasDeliverySlots · 20/10/2020 14:00

@TakesTwoToTango thank you - it must be area specific though as alas still none showing for me at all for Dec

Will keep looking though. It's my own fault but not sure how I missed it. Half expected a big thread on here about Christmas slots (maybe I missed that too!)

OP posts:
TakesTwoToTango · 20/10/2020 14:25

Ah, yes, of course it would be! Good luck anyway!

AuntieStella · 20/10/2020 14:35

They're not showing the December slots yet - just the next few weeks (as normal) plus the Christmas ones

ChristmasDeliverySlots · 20/10/2020 14:53

@AuntieStella I can see the 21st-23rd or similar as a green box on the calendar and the days are clickable so assume they are the Christmas delivery dates but alas no actual times left to book so assume I've just missed it now

OP posts:
KrakowDawn · 20/10/2020 14:59

They usually release more in early December. It's never free in Christmas week, always £9.99, and a high minimum spend. I didn't bother last year, just stocked up what we wanted over a few weeks.

ZarkingBell · 20/10/2020 15:12

I was given my chance to get slots about ten days ago. Search your emails for 'book Christmas delivery'.
Also, the Christmas slots are the only December slots available, so you need to look on the website for a star.
You can book two slots during 20-24 December and each one costs £9.99.
I've used them at Christmas for years and they have been exceptionally reliable.

Mustbe3ormorecharacters · 20/10/2020 15:42

I just double checked and my delivery on the 22nd of December is free I’m pretty sure they were all free. I do spend quite a lot with Ocado so far the Christmas slot is £100 and is only cheese lol.

RunningFromWaterGhoul · 20/10/2020 15:45

I never got an email to say the slots were open (smart pass holder for ages) and now they’re all gone. Not very impressed but I’m sure I’ll manage - I ordered most of the main Christmas stuff from M&S directly, anyway.

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