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6 year old in lots of pain with tooth

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NotTheToothFairy22 · 19/10/2020 22:57

Had DD6 at the dentist on Wednesday with really bad tooth pain, she had had a filling months ago and it fell out causing pain. They filled it up again but still nonstop pain getting worse over the weekend. So took her again today where they said they'd have to refer her for general anesthetic and have the tooth out but its a long waiting list (NHS). They did give an antibiotic.

The pain hasn't settled at all, she's getting really worked up with the pain. I've been giving paracetamol every 4 hours, ibuprofen every 6 hours, salt water rinsing, a little clove oil on a cotton bud, the antibiotic and a cold compress. None of this is taking the pain away for more than 20 minutes. She didn't sleep til 3am last night and I can see that happening again tonight as she's wide awake crying.

What. The. Fuck. Can I do?? Is there anything I haven't thought? Can the dentist do anything other than tell me she just has to wait for the appointment to come through? They did offer to do it with gas and air but that that had a long waiting list too.

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NotTheToothFairy22 · 19/10/2020 23:43


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Notcontent · 20/10/2020 00:19

This is terrible. Your poor dd and poor you. Could you afford to pay for a private dentist? It should not be too much for an extraction and a private dentist would see her immediately.

rainbowninja · 20/10/2020 00:33

Oh your poor daughter and you, my DD is 6 too, I can only imagine the distress. Private dentist sounds like the way to go or maybe it will settle down after the antibiotics if there is an infection. Tooth pain is horrific, they surely can't make her wait that long x

fortifiedwithtea · 20/10/2020 00:50

Did the dentist x-ray to look for new decay? A deep filling could be near the nerve and causing pain.

My Dd has a filling that flares up from time to time. I treat it by instructing her to use Anbesol regularly on the gum near the affected tooth, using Sensodyne toothpaste twice a day and keeping topped up with paracetamol for a few days. Dentist says when there comes a time when the pain can not be brought under control she will need a root channel

dotoallasyouwouldbedoneby · 20/10/2020 00:56

Why can't she just have local anaesthetic?

YerAWizardHarry · 20/10/2020 01:17

I'd just try with the local anaesthetic. Assuming its a baby tooth they come out super easy anyway

Nat6999 · 20/10/2020 01:22

Is it a baby tooth? Ds had toothache at that age & the dentist numbed his gum with gel, the tooth came out very easily. Have you tried Anbesol? Either the liquid or the gel (or both) relieves pain & numbs the gum, I would imagine if the tooth has a hole in it you could try to get the liquid in the hole either use a cotton bud or a tiny piece of cotton wool in the hole. I found the 6+ Calpol was best as a painkiller, ds fell asleep when we got home from the dentist, my mum & I undressed him & put his pyjamas on & sleep walked him to bed at 4.30pm, he never woke until next morning. Ring your dentist first thing tomorrow & explain how much pain your dd is in.

NotTheToothFairy22 · 20/10/2020 11:44

Thanks for the replies, she seems to be a lot better today but I have the fear of it starting up again as it was so bad to deal with. Clove oil on a Q-Tip dabbed onto the tooth really helped settle her last night then I think the antibiotic and ibuprofen on top helped enough to get her to sleep. This morning she says its not really sore so fingers crossed for now.

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