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Things you love about your partner?

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NoEffingWay · 19/10/2020 14:51

Well, it's everything really...but he makes me tea just how I like it without me asking. He kisses me goodnight when he thinks I am properly asleep, and he is a gentle soul who isn't afraid to show his feelings. He loves DS, and has risen to the challenge of being a stepdad without hesitation.
In these times, a bit of love doesn't go amiss.

OP posts:
Bluesheep8 · 19/10/2020 15:52

His incredible loyalty and support. He is on my team and has always got my back. I am so grateful to him for that.

Bluesheep8 · 19/10/2020 15:53

What a nice thread to start, op

CloudyVanilla · 19/10/2020 15:56

So nice to hear OP :)

There are tons of little things I love about my DP, a little thing is like yours the small gestures of random affection, and more profoundly, he had an absolutely abhorrent childhood and start in life.

Instead of being bitter, seeing himself as a victim or continuing the cycle if abuse, he is the most compassionate and kind hearted person I know.

He's not perfect by any means but I really do love him dearly. He's my kindred spirit.

CloudyVanilla · 19/10/2020 15:56

Oh also I know I sound so gushy but he makes me feel like the most beautiful person inside and out.

Taswama · 19/10/2020 16:05

He knows how good exercise is for my mental health and encourages me to get some.

EssentialHummus · 19/10/2020 16:08

He manages to always be up for it without being a sex pest. He has lots of other good qualities but this one seems rare Grin.

HotToCold · 19/10/2020 16:10

His everything iv ever wanted and needed

NoEffingWay · 19/10/2020 16:24

These are all making me a bit soft and soppy inside.

It's been a long time coming for me personally. Ex-h and I weren't right for each other, and 'made do' for many years. With dp, I feel so very lucky to have him in my (and DS's) life. I used to think people who talked about being 'head over heels' were a bit ridiculous, but now I understand what it means. A year in, and it isn't waning.
If anything we are more into each other and what we have created together (not pg, more a house and an amalgamation of everything that comes with living with someone else).

OP posts:
NoEffingWay · 19/10/2020 16:25

@EssentialHummus that part helps too! 😁

OP posts:
JuiceyBetty · 19/10/2020 19:58

Your OP I could say about my wife. I love her kindness way she loves my son.

JuiceyBetty · 19/10/2020 19:59

That should say ‘...and the way she loves my son’!

StringyPotatoes · 19/10/2020 20:01

He rolls over and hugs me when he's asleep.

His eyes sparkle when he talks about his passions.

He holds me so tight when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

His silliness matches mine and we have so much fun together!

EternalOptimist7 · 19/10/2020 20:09

Good thread OP. Not so long ago I thought my marriage might well be over but I love the way DH has turned himself around & is a much better husband & Dad. He makes me laugh to the point of pain. He has my back. And he may not be the most romantic guy but he shows his love in lots of ways.

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