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I've lost 1.5 stone but no-one's bloody noticed!

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NottinghamFlorest · 19/10/2020 14:34

Just that really. I came out of lockdown 3 months ago at 11 stone 9 which was really big for me. None of my clothes fit and I felt awful. I put it down to wine and snacks over lockdown and comfort eating too. For the past three months I've been exercising daily and have reduced my calories. Now I weigh 10 stone 3 and I'm absolutely delighted. I think I look loads better and I definitely feel better. But not one person, not a single one, has told me I look good, or better, or well, or have asked me if I've lost weight. Is that amount of weight loss just not noticeable? I didn't do it for other people, just for myself, but I thought people might just notice!!

OP posts:
Mumoftwoyoungkids · 19/10/2020 14:37

What were you before lockdown? If you gained then lost then it may be that people hadn’t yet had a chance to “catch up” with the gain before the loss.

I’d say 1.5 stone at your weight is noticeable. Although the weather is horrible at the moment so if you are bundled up in 3 jumpers it will be harder to tell!

Ratbagratty · 19/10/2020 14:40

Congratulations! Taken me a year to do the same although i did have a blip in lockdown.

Although it's disapointing no one has noticed please remember you did this for you not for anyone else. Congratulations again.

lughnasadh · 19/10/2020 14:41

Most people consider it rude to comment on other's weight.

How many times have you read on here 'someone said I lookk well! Shall I go NC?' Grin

And one and a half stone isn't really an awful lot - have you just gone back to pre-lockdown weight? No one will have noticed that.

1940s · 19/10/2020 14:45

I never comment on another woman's weight. My friend once lost weight and looked 'good'. A year afterwards she confessed it was due to stress from a miscarriage, I'm so glad I never complimented her.

Do it for yourself not for compliments

MacavityTheDentistsCat · 19/10/2020 14:51

I think there may be a "tipping point" OP , before which people don't really notice snd then suddenly everyone does. I have just slimmed down from 10st 3 lb to 8st 5lb and no one commented at all before I got below 8st 9lb. But recently lots of people have done. In fact, I'm now waiting for the 'don't overdo it' comments Grin.

LostAcre · 19/10/2020 16:29

Congratulations OP!

Maybe they’re all too polite to comment on your weight?

Hazelmazel · 19/10/2020 16:32

I had the exact same thing last year! I lost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes and no one noticed! It was absolutely bizarre, I changed shape completely so I'm sure it was noticeable. One person at work eventually noticed but not a single other person commented on it apart from those I eventually told.

sunflowerspeoniesanddaisies · 19/10/2020 16:35

I've had this, I was 15st at the start of lockdown (very big for me I'm only 5'4) and I've lost three and a half stone since June. Only one person - my famously direct brother - has said a word to me except DH who obviously knows but it's gradual (he has said 'you look nice'!.

To be fair my brother did say 'fucking hell, where have you gone? You've lost so much weight!' So that was nice, anyway Grin

NameChange84 · 19/10/2020 16:36

I’d never comment on someone’s weight. It’s rude. No one knows the reason someone might have lost weight, it’s not always positive.

CallmeAngelina · 19/10/2020 17:32

Maybe they didn't notice the weight gain and therefore think your current size is the same familiar you?

JemimaTiggywinkle · 19/10/2020 17:33

Maybe they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they noticed you’d put on the weight in the first place?

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