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Help me with Google Drive, please?

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lucysmam · 19/10/2020 14:18

I'm trying to work out what I need to do to get my laptop to show what my phone does in there. First pic is phone & second laptop screen

Does anyone know?

My printer throws a strop if I ask it to print from the phone Hmm

Help me with Google Drive, please?
Help me with Google Drive, please?
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dementedpixie · 19/10/2020 14:20

Do you have the printer app on your phone first?

lucysmam · 19/10/2020 14:22

Yep, I do.

It's just printed a return label from an email on my phone fine; it just doesn't like to print from Google Drive on it for some reason 🤷‍♀️

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