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If you could be bay mythical creature, what would you be?

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Soubriquet · 19/10/2020 08:57

So any thing from vampire to shapeshifter, to a human with various powers.

What would you be/have?

I think I would be a shapeshifter. That way, when I’m fed up of adulting, I’ll shift into an animal and be free for a while.

Probably a cat belonging to a cat mad owner and be thoroughly spoiled before disappearing for a while probably what real cats do

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Moonmelodies · 19/10/2020 09:12


ShirleyPhallus · 19/10/2020 09:14

No idea what I’d be but I’d marry a centaur. Strangely attractive.

Soubriquet · 19/10/2020 09:23



Trust you to go straight for the big guns Grin
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