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Health issues are totally getting too much to bear

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NooNooHead · 18/10/2020 22:07

I have a medication induced neurological involuntary movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia (TD) which is awful. It has become much worse over the past few months since having my 3rd baby. My involuntary tongue and mouth movement are hideous, tiring and the bane of my life.

I was so stressed in the months after my c-section that I felt it must have triggered a big inflammatory response in my body, worsening my TD. I probably had some mild PND too. My brain slowed down recentlu to the point where I felt like I did 6 years ago after my head injury and post concussion syndrome. I literally couldn't think, was cognitively much slower and lost my internal voice.

To make things even better, I found out a month ago that I have narrow angle glaucoma. I was told that I might need laser surgery... When I researched some of the eye drops, I found that there could be the risk of them making the TD worse.

My life is full of wonderful things like my children and I know I should be so grateful for them. Instead, I feel despair and anger that I have to live my life with these health issues. I know it isnt life or death by any means,but I would honestly choose not to be here with the ongoing health issues I am having.

One last thing... I think the stress of it all plus pregnancy has found something else to give me... Receding sore gums and possible gum disease... Great.

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