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Help me work out what to do with this tiny room

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Mooey89 · 18/10/2020 15:28

We have a 3 bed house. Master and DS’s room are goodish sized doubles, however the 3rd box room is tiny. My 15 year old ex step daughter (long and boring story) has recently asked to start staying over regularly. She usually sleeps on a pull out in DS’s bed but I need to be able to use this room as a spare room for her and if my Nan comes to stay.
I was thinking of getting a day bed but they’re all too small for the room! I also need to be able to have some storage in there, ideally my wardrobe!

Hit me with your clever ideas! This is the EA floor plan from when we purchased so you can see exactly how small we’re talking.

Help me work out what to do with this tiny room
OP posts:
sourcherie · 18/10/2020 15:33

How about something like this? - scroll through, there are various versions

IloveJudgeJudy · 18/10/2020 15:42

Does the room include a box bit that goes over the stairs so you could build on top of that?

Mooey89 · 18/10/2020 15:43

No box bit.
The wall beds are ok but probably out of our current price range

OP posts:
GemmeFatale · 18/10/2020 15:43

You might find having something custom made for the space is the best option. It’s often not as expensive as you might think

CoffeeBeansGalore · 18/10/2020 16:02

Single ottoman bed? Storage underneath. Just looked at a bed shop on eBay.
Measurements 202cm L x 103cm W. Starting price approx £170, doesn't include mattress.

I have previously bought day beds for my then teens. They didn't fold down so were standard single bed size. A long body pillow for along the back, & a couple of nice cushions made them comfortable to sit on during the day. You can get trundle storage for underneath.

CoffeeBeansGalore · 18/10/2020 16:07

Similar to this

Help me work out what to do with this tiny room
Jellybott · 18/10/2020 16:12

We have one of these in our spare room, they sometimes come up on gumtree too -

SushiGo · 18/10/2020 16:16

If you want a wardrobe and a full sized single bed you will need to create some storage over the stairs. You can then either extend the room over the stairs and have a mid-height bed built that tucks in over the top of the stairs, or, you can use the over stairs space as a wardrobe. As it's a teen and adult that would be using the bed in your situation I would use the over stairs as a wardrobe, and then a normal single bed with pull out drawers underneath, you then might be able to fit a small fold down desk and chair for your step daughter to work at.

mumwon · 18/10/2020 16:27

we ordered a wooden bed on line with extra tall legs which we (OK he!) cut to fit over stairs than I got short children's pine wardrobe to fit underneath with chest of drawers also get a folding (into wall) desk top on other side of room with folding chair

FrogFairy · 18/10/2020 17:07

I would look at IKEA Lycksele chair bed or JAY-BE folding beds as both fold away neatly when not needed, the IKEA one giving the advantage of a useful chair when folded away.

Newjez · 18/10/2020 17:13

You can get both short and thin mattresses and beds, often made for caravans etc. So you should be able to get something to fit.

CaffeineInfusion · 18/10/2020 17:30

Longterm, i'd consider moving the wall between bed 1 and 3 to be in line with the bay window. Then you could have a full size bed and storage.

Short term, I'd have a full size bed along the external walls, bedside cupboard under the window, and any hanging clothes for a short term stay, on a hook on the door. Underbed boxes can be used for teenage essentials.

Rummikub · 18/10/2020 17:37

IKEA malm single bed With storage drawers 199 by 107cm
Along the length of room
Billy book case at end of bed
(Or clothes rail?)
You might get a chest of drawers in On the opposite wall or IKEA do a shallow pax wardrobe 35cm depth- floor to ceiling will give a lot of storage space.
Alternatively if 15 yr old is short (of sleeps curled up!) a shorty single bed (Argos used to do one 176cm long) would go across the width of the room under the window
Then you’d have the rest of the floor plan to put storage.

titchy · 18/10/2020 17:41

Get a short bed going under the window, then a wardrobe at the top of the left hand wall.

trickyex · 18/10/2020 19:14

Whats the widest measurement in the room? I cant et anywhere with the EA floorplan.

Rummikub · 18/10/2020 19:21

2.3 by 1.8m I think

Mooey89 · 18/10/2020 19:52

Omg yes!!! Shorty bed is the solution. I knew you best of vipers would have it!

OP posts:
Kittykatmacbill · 18/10/2020 20:02

Ikea kids bed under window (i.e the wall where it 180cm) one that you can shorten by 20cm to get in like this I am sure unless either of them are very tall they will survive a Rare nights on a short bed.
Then that leaves you up to 150 on the outside wall (with no window) to put a wardrobe in.
Then you only need a small stall or similar as night stand and you have a tiny guest room.
Only problem is you may not be able to have full length curtains in that set up!

Whattodowithaminute · 18/10/2020 20:03

We have a shorty bed for our DS, I’m 5ft 7 and sleep in it with him occasionally-it’s fine. I regret not exploring more the carpentry option mentioned up thread though. Some really clever solutions would be available for a similar price as a shorty bed. Don’t forget you’d need special mattress size and sheets too.

mumwon · 18/10/2020 20:40

re pp instead of curtain have window blind
& again folding desk/table that folds into wall & folding chair & put hooks on back of door

feelingverylazytoday · 18/10/2020 21:45

My bed is a shortie divan, I'm 5'4" and it's just long enough for me.

User0ne · 18/10/2020 21:54

I'd (well DH would) build a sleeping platform. Not so great for nan maybe but certainly cheap: you have 3 good walls for baton supports which is all you'd need. If you aren't confident doing it yourself a decent handyman should be able to with little bother. You can also buy kits to do them.

Then you can put storage/wardrobe/sofa bed for nan underneath.

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