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Is it possible to rent a room for a couple of months

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Iftheclouds · 18/10/2020 13:20

Asking on behalf of a friend. I know people rent rooms long term but this is only needed short term.

OP posts:
SarahAndQuack · 18/10/2020 13:28

Yes, of course, but you may find there's much less supply of shorter-term tenancies. Is being a lodger an option? You have fewer tenancy rights, but more flexibility.

StillCounting123 · 18/10/2020 14:08

Some Air BnBs rent out a room rather than the whole place. So you'd have your own sleeping room, but share a bathroom, kitchen, living space.

Iftheclouds · 18/10/2020 19:25

She said she would prefer a room where these no live in landlord.

OP posts:
bloodywhitecat · 18/10/2020 19:28

Spareroom might be a good place to look.

motorcyclenumptiness · 18/10/2020 19:28

Have a look on spareroom - you can often find short-term lets

ApolloandDaphne · 18/10/2020 19:33

My DD is about to move into a room in a London flat for two months. The person moving out is doing a ski season. She has a short term contract drawn up. This suits her current plans.

cwtchesandprosecco · 18/10/2020 20:40

It’s really common in London at the moment, lots of people trying to sub let rooms etc, but availability will depend on where you are in the country I suppose.

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