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What's going on in your house right now?

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lucysmam · 18/10/2020 11:56

I'm half watching Hocus Pocus with dd2, while trying to crochet. She's colouring unicorns at the same time.

Dd1 is still in her pit. I've heard movement so she is awake, just not seen her yet.

The girls' dad is painting my kitchen ceiling.

What's happening at yours? :)

OP posts:
terriblyangryattimes · 18/10/2020 11:56

Husband is working (at home) my son is asking for food endlessly and my daughter is at a playdate.

I am trying to get to cat to sit still for a cuddle.

Letsallscreamatthesistene · 18/10/2020 12:00

My 6 month old is having a nap. Theres a shit ton of baby toys strewn over the living room floor. Im having a coffee. I went over to a friends for dinner last night whilst his Gran babysat. I got back at midnight and my baby woke up at 1230am and didnt sleep again until 2. He then woke up again at 4.45am. Tiredness is very much the vibe in this house.

BamboozledandBefuddled · 18/10/2020 12:03

Coffee time. DH is watching car reviews on You Tube. I'm browsing books on Amazon and adding a worryingly large number to my wish list Grin

jellybe · 18/10/2020 12:09

DH is tidying up and sorting laundry.
I'm cooking a roast for dinner.
DD is in her room probably watching Disney plus.
The boys are making dinosaur caves in their bedroom.

Probably going to watch a film this afternoon all snuggled up together the five of us on the sofa.

Rainbowllama4 · 18/10/2020 12:10

We have just had Sky installed, no more missing channels and pixelated tv screens causing autistic DS to have meltdowns, he is goggle eyed at all the kids programmes, screen day all day today and I don’t careSmile

Bwlch · 18/10/2020 12:15

I'm looking for recipe for today's dinner. My husband is talking about tidying the garden/shed but is actually watching a YouTube video of a Ukrainian man trying to get long abandoned car to start. Confused

Notsurewhatsgoingon · 18/10/2020 12:19

Dh has taken the children out to collect some leaves for a nursery project we had sent home. They will be gone quite a while as they will go for a long walk.
I'm sat eating rubbish. Browsing my phone and trying to summon energy to do the weekly shop.
The house is a tip and I probably should tidy up but I'm past caring these days

Bwlch · 18/10/2020 12:19

We have just had Sky installed, no more missing channels and pixelated tv screens causing autistic DS to have meltdowns

Wait until it snows or there is torrential rain.

FizzyPink · 18/10/2020 12:22

We’ve just had bacon and eggs for breakfast. DP is now showering before we drive to a farm to go pumpkin picking.

Maybe a bit silly for two grown adults with no children but I’m jumping on anything right now that gets us out the house and is allowed!

Benjispruce2 · 18/10/2020 12:23

Had a lie-in until 8.30.Walked the dog with DD16 while DH our on his bike, cleaned the bathrooms, mopped kitchen floor,emptied dishwasher, put another wash on. DH just back and trimming the front hedge.Just having a cup of tea. Sunday lunch out later for a change.

Toebarb · 18/10/2020 12:24

DH has taken DS1 to play football. I'm cooking roast beef for lunch. DS2 is on the iPad and DD is cuddling her cats.

Champagneforeveryone · 18/10/2020 12:34

DH just back from church and gone to fetch milk.
DS (unsurprisingly) is playing guitar.
I've showered but am sat on my bed titting around on my phone.
DDogs are mooching about and ignoring the RoboVac which tried to eat some of DDog1's leg feathers yesterday. There's a great deal more scurrying out of its way going on than normal!
DCat is asleep on the bed. I'm quite tempted to wake her up at random times during the day, just so she knows what it's like Grin

Pipandmum · 18/10/2020 12:37

I'm outside sandwich shop waiting for my son whom I've just collected from his girlfriend's. My daughter is going art homework. Dogs are waiting for their walk...

badlydrawnbear · 18/10/2020 12:40

DDs are watching bluey on the tv, DC1 is playing a game on the iPod as well. DH has just gone to Sainsburys. I am waiting for the oven to heat up to cook them some sausage rolls for lunch and wondering what I want for lunch.

MalorieSnooty · 18/10/2020 12:46

DH is playing chess with DS1 and DS2. DS2 is 4 and giving it his best shot but Grin DH has just check mated DS1 (8 in a couple of weeks, has Asperger's) so I'm expecting WW3 in 3, 2, 1...

I'm in my onesie putting the washing out/getting lunch ready.

paddingtonbearsmarmalade · 18/10/2020 12:50

We have been to Tesco (always a joyous experience). Now I am avoiding working on my dissertation and we are watching something about the Hairy Bikers and Asian food.

Also avoiding hanging up the bedding from the wash...

Natsku · 18/10/2020 12:54

DS is napping, DD is with friends but has to come home soon to go to circus school, OH is in the basement playing computer games I think, I'm having a cup of tea and the cat is sleeping on the chair next to me. She looks very cute, I might have to cuddle her before I make another cup of tea.

Miltonkeynesmummy · 18/10/2020 12:55

I've tidied the kids rooms. DH went for a swim. About to go for a walk then roast tonight. Trying to do as little as possible.

PositiveLife · 18/10/2020 12:59

I've been crafting with dd2 this morning. Trying to plan tea as food shopping is getting delivered quite late tonight (earliest slot available). Dd1 is in her room.

GalOopNorth · 18/10/2020 13:00

Have had a footy match this morning and have also bathed the dog. DSs are now watching TV in the family room, I am in the lounge in front of the fire with my kindle, MN and the (now snoozing in front of the fire) dog. DH is out for a walk. In an hour or so DS has an outdoor play date and I will be going for a swim. Roast dinner later. Perfect Sunday Grin

FunTimes2020 · 18/10/2020 13:01

DH is tidying up in his usual slow and faffy way Grin Teen DD is at work and I am having a quick break with mumsnet and cat before hoovering. Beginning to feel peckish and wondering if I can be bothered to make scrambled eggs...

Mumthedogsbeensick · 18/10/2020 13:09

I'm sat on the sofa with one slipper on as one of my dogs knocked it off and I can't be bothered to put it back on. DH and DS have gone fishing so I'm having a marvellous time doing bugger all after working 50 hours this week.

StormBaby · 18/10/2020 13:12

No kids(very rare, we have them all every weekend, mine are with their dad, his are with their mum). Last night we had a few drinks, went to bed at 4am. I’ve been burrito’d up in a duvet all morning but we are off to the allotment soon. Considering cooking a roast.

burglarbettybaby · 18/10/2020 13:14

We are on very tight restrictions here so just did some washing. Dc are watching Madagascar after a nice bath and I've their uniforms done and bags packed for the morning and I am cooking roast pork with a few sides. Smells lovely. Very little we can do after? Walk?

nearertonature · 18/10/2020 13:15

I love Hocus Pocus! Saving that for Halloween!

Just finished lunch and pissing about on Mumsnet whilst trying to get up motivation to do some work.
Husband making kids' lunch. Kids' playing.

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