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Maths & English GCSE in May next year ?

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52andblue · 18/10/2020 10:08

Is this definite, does anyone know ?

I thought I remembered Williamson saying this was the plan last week?

Would the results therefore be early?

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52andblue · 18/10/2020 10:35


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52andblue · 18/10/2020 11:10

maybe I imagined it?

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noblegiraffe · 18/10/2020 11:25

GCSEs are being put back by three weeks till after half term but there will still be one English and one Maths paper before half term because they couldn’t do the timetabling otherwise.

GCSE exams have always been May/June, results day will be Fri 27th August (later than usual).

52andblue · 18/10/2020 11:28

Ah, so not the WHOLE Maths and English GCSE's then?

And STILL all results not till end August?

(argh, sorry for caps - v stressed)

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TeenPlusTwenties · 18/10/2020 11:31

Yes, just one paper of each.

Part of the idea, I understand, is that if a pupil was then ill they would still have sat one paper so could be given a grade (or conversely was ill in May they'll still get to sit the later papers).

52andblue · 18/10/2020 11:33

Oh, bother!!!

I want to move to Scotland for the start of their new school year
which is early August.

Ds unlikely to pass many of his current GCSE's so v difficult as he would start a new exam year and not have his results till the end of that month - erk!!!
I had hoped he could sit Maths and English in May and move then but obvs not :(

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MrsHamlet · 18/10/2020 11:35

The provisional timetables came out at the end of last week - if you look on the exam board websites, they should all be there.

margotsdevil · 18/10/2020 11:37

Most schools allow changes of course until early September in Scotland; I wouldn't worry too much! I'd explain to the school when he enrols that he's waiting on results and it should be fine.

52andblue · 18/10/2020 11:43

How much later than usual are the English results? is it about 3 weeks?

I wonder if a grade could be awarded if just one part of the Maths and English papers had been sat pre August if a child moved? I guess not.

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Janek · 18/10/2020 12:18

The results are a week later than usual. There is no way to get them early!

MrsHamlet · 18/10/2020 12:33

We're going to struggle to mark them on time, let alone early!

52andblue · 18/10/2020 13:26

I appreciate I can't 'get them early' due to our personal circs -that would be unreasonable, even if I knew Gavin Williamson personally Grin Envy (not envy)

I am just stressing about him starting in Scotland before he knows his results here and the thought of them being 'put back / late' is not good

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