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SMEG kettles and fridges..are they good and if so in what way?

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fardownsouth · 17/10/2020 08:40

I think the kettles look pretty and quite like them. Same for the fridges.

But really... why are they so expensive? I’ve been using my 22 pound kettle for 5 years and it’s fine! Though now also wondering if you’re supposed to clean your kettle?!

OP posts:
WildWaterSwimmer · 17/10/2020 08:47

I don't know about Smeg kettles and fridges, but the Smeg cooker I have is the worst kitchen appliance I've ever had. It's definitely not worth the inflated price. I can't wait to get rid of it.

user1471538283 · 17/10/2020 08:49

We've got a Smeg fridge freezer, kettle and toaster. Everything except the kettle has been brilliant. The fridge freezer is 15 years old and still works well. The kettle packed up after 3 years but I bought a new one (we use the kettle alot)

jdoejnr1 · 17/10/2020 11:31

Heard nothing but bad things about the kettles and the one we had the letters fell off it! Fridge freezer is what it is they look fabulous but its basically a normal fridge. It also takes up a lot of room for not a lot of fridge space. When this one dies I won't get another.

mysteryfairy · 17/10/2020 11:47

They are mostly about aesthetics. Had a fridge freezer which I just loved. It lasted more than a decade so wasn’t particularly bad value. I currently have a fisher and Paykel double door fridge freezer which is nice enough and much more practical but certainly don’t love that. Would have another SMEG in a heartbeat if I had a kitchen where it would fit ok.

I also had a modern SMEG cooker. It was ok. The element broke and had to be replaced regularly. It’s not a purchase I’d make again.

Ifailed · 17/10/2020 11:50

I think you are mostly paying for a (rather disgusting) name.

Gilead · 17/10/2020 12:08

I had a smeg dishwasher. It was dreadful.

ginghamtablecloths · 17/10/2020 12:08

You are paying a ridiculous amount of extra money for the name fardownsouth and I doubt very much that any of these things last any longer than the usual mid-priced items. Isn't Wallace and Gromit's fridge a SMUG? 'nuff said.

Blue5238 · 17/10/2020 12:10

I think once you have seen the SMUG fridge in Wallace and Gromit it's much more difficult to justify paying for them!

GADDay · 17/10/2020 12:13

Brilliant kettle.
Hands down WORST fridge freezer EVER!

fee1234 · 17/10/2020 12:14

I have a smeg kettle, it looks lovely but it's very heavy.

TheHighestSardine · 17/10/2020 12:15

The fridges are good. Nothing else of theirs is, the cookers particularly are dreck.

McWeedie · 17/10/2020 12:50

Smeg fridge was the worst fridge I ever had. Temperature fluctuated, food went off. I have a Samsung now, its fab.

Macarena1990 · 17/10/2020 12:53

I've got a smeg kettle, looks lovely but agree it's heavy. The first two I had leaked quite badly but they exchanged with no fuss.

I had a dualit before that lasted 12 years!

Gilead · 17/10/2020 21:43

My Dualit toaster is a thing of beauty, eight years old and still looks new!

AuntyFungal · 17/10/2020 22:00

I’ve got the retro fridge/freezer. Never again.

Door seals are shit. Forever finding them open.
See above - then the fridge half over compensates & freezes/floods.
Freezer needs regular defrosting.

Looks pretty - still shit though.

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