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Egg Donation?

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TheAppleTree · 17/10/2020 00:03

Hi all

Currently in the process of donating my first batch of eggs and was just wondering if anyone was willing to share their success stories of conceiving via egg donation?

In a bit of pain at the moment and can’t sleep so hoping to hear some nice stories to get me through Smile

OP posts:
Mmr224 · 17/10/2020 00:07

My little girl was an egg donor baby. I lost both tubes and one ovary to ectopic pregnancies and it was impossible for me to have a baby without a donor. We will always be so grateful.

Bingowin · 17/10/2020 00:09

Not personally but a close friend conceived with a donor egg.

They had been trying for a baby for 7 years,multiple failed ivfs,lots of miscarriages. All in all it was horrendous.

Their last attempt worked. They will be forever grateful to the stranger who helped them become parents.

I think it's an amazing thing to do

TheNewLook · 17/10/2020 00:11

Why are you doing it?

TheAppleTree · 17/10/2020 00:11

@Mmr224 awww how lovely, thanks so much for sharing! Just out of interest, have you/do you plan to tell her that she was born via an egg donor?

OP posts:
TheAppleTree · 17/10/2020 00:13

@Bingowin amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

OP posts:
TheAppleTree · 17/10/2020 00:15

@TheNewLook it sounds cliche but I just love to help others!! I’m not planning on having children of my own any time soon (if ever) and I want to be able to give that to someone who wants it.

OP posts:
TheNewLook · 17/10/2020 00:20

Are you being paid?

wearenotacodfish · 17/10/2020 00:24

After 6 failed rounds of IVF and a miscarriage I have a c section scheduled this week. I'm due to have twins, we used donor eggs and sperm. We are so grateful to both our donors.

Mmr224 · 17/10/2020 00:38

We will tell her when she is a bit older and can understand.

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