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Why would these items be ditched in a bag

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Hotairoverthere · 16/10/2020 22:26

My son was playing nearby with some friends and they found a Nike bag. Inside they said there was scissors, gloves, bleach and socks. Instantly I felt chills and some criminal has hidden this bag in a bush at the end of our street but I can’t understand why...

OP posts:
Shahlalala · 16/10/2020 22:29

Sounds pretty dodgy to me.
I would report it via 101, you never know.

Lindy2 · 16/10/2020 22:29

Because they are items that could potentially be used to clean up a crime scene or be used in a crime. They are an odd combination of things in a dumped bag. Phone the police non emergency number and give them the details. Explain you felt it was an odd thing to find.

MB90 · 16/10/2020 22:36

You need to report this OP, via 101. What have you done with the bag?

Hotairoverthere · 16/10/2020 22:41

The children left the bag where they found it, so it is still in the bushes.

OP posts:
Lindy2 · 16/10/2020 22:59

Have you phoned 101 yet?

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