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What are you doing tonight?

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OntheWaves40 · 16/10/2020 21:57

I’m feeling annoyed, my DP has come over and taken me out for dinner except we were in the restaurant half an hour, and then he was rushing me to finish my drink and go home. He’s now snoring and I’m wide awake wishing I was doing something exciting and wondering whether to dump him.

OP posts:
WinWinnieTheWay · 16/10/2020 22:01

Sorry to hear that Op, how disappointing.

We had after school activities. We came home and had a takeaway (sofa supper) and flicked through the tv. I had a g&t after dinner and I'm now I'm in bed. V boring here, but we are all shattered at the end of the week.

Mytinyman · 16/10/2020 22:01

Tomorrow was supposed to be my wedding day but corona put a stop to that so im drowning my sorrows with wine and chocolate

Sheknowsaboutme · 16/10/2020 22:12

Been for a walk through the quarry

Tea and brownie

Watching the news and getting more confused with Boris’ tiers with A & B levels.

OntheWaves40 · 16/10/2020 22:23

Mytiny sorry to hear that and here’s me moaning because I’m bored and restless!

OP posts:
bettsbattenburg · 16/10/2020 22:36

Trying to solve an unsolvable problem.

Mytinyman · 16/10/2020 22:49

Thank you! Postponed until may, hoping it will happen!

EternalOptimist7 · 16/10/2020 23:05

Sorry to hear that OP. That was a very quick night out! Did he say he was tired?
Pretty quiet here. DH & I worked til 8 so I had a ready meal & he had beans on toast. DD had already eaten at my parents house. Watched Corrie with a glass or two of Chardonnay. Off to bed as doing it all again tomorrow 😢

Inextremis · 16/10/2020 23:13

Husband and I (married 18 years, together 24), have just finished running a dungeon together in Elder Scrolls Online, and we're now enjoying a bacon sandwich. He'll be going to bed soon, I'll be up for another few hours, watching rubbish on YouTube and checking Facebook etc. No complaints, but we've been doing this for a while now!

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