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Most terrifying moment......

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Clawdy · 16/10/2020 15:27

In a film or tv programme that has stayed in your mind? For me it was a tv drama many years ago based on an Algernon Blackwood story "The Doll". The last shot, as I remember, was a close up of the evil doll's smashed face whispering a curse. Some moments stay in your head for ever!

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purrswhileheeats · 16/10/2020 18:42

I remember a series called Boomtown from the early 00's, it was on c5 I think and starred Donnie Wahlberg as the main detective. There was a spate of murders/home invasions but no sign of a break in - the murderer was found to be getting in through the attic (might have been a team of them?) It was a fantastic series but no one else seems to remember it?

VictoriaBun · 16/10/2020 18:45


That would freak me out ! Our garage door isn't locking at the moment. You can climb up to the attic in there and come down the one in the house !

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