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Once my area are in tier 2 will we ever come out?

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Dinosaursinthebathtub · 16/10/2020 05:11

Looking at numbers I expect we'll be in tier 2 in a couple of weeks, maybe a bit more. Neighbouring council postcodes will be sooner.

I'm not complaining as we as a household are very fortunate in many ways but I am up and can't sleep thinking about this. I'm due DC2 imminently and prepared to do labour alone (although I think childcare in labour has always been an exception so may not have to), meet parents in park to show them newborn, etc, but I am worried about DC1. She's not at nursery and doesn't start her 15 hours at preschool until a few months into next year. We'd found a venue where she could interact with other children and she absolutely loves it but I don't know how on earth they will open in tier 2 long term as although we go alone every week just for interaction others mostly go with friends or family. We do sometimes see children at playgrounds too, I just hope others still go out in the winter. Our NCT group had met weekly for two years but most didn't seem comfortable even with outdoor playground meets before rule of 6, which is fair enough as I suppose the toddlers are still supposed to socially distance and everyone has their own feelings on this.

She has a hospital admission next year meaning more isolation and recovery too. We do lots of things together but she does seem to want to see other children.

We can maybe possibly stretch to a couple of mornings at nursery at a push but it will be a struggle and would be for her interaction rather than childcare as I'll be at home with the baby. I'm also worried about there being no settling in period as she's never been away from me, especially at a time when she may be feeling pushed out by new sibling, but think she'd really benefit from seeing others. She also adores her grandparents but they (fairly young and low risk group) are already tier 2, though we can meet outside.

Again not a complaint and I know people will tell me it's a small problem in grand scheme which is absolutely true but I'm awake thinking about it and wondering when if ever she can go to groups and on play dates again. We've tried actual classes like dance classes but she always says after she is sad as she can't play with the other children (all have to stay 2m apart and on their own small mat at all times)

Will she be ok? And feel utterly gutted too for small businesses in our local area who will really struggle with tier 2

OP posts:
NoToast · 16/10/2020 05:59

Hello Dinosaur,

I'm sorry I don't have answers, but wanted to say how lucky your little girl is to have you, you sound so caring. She will be fine, this is only temporary. In the '70s, when and where I was growing up children spent much more time at home. We didn't have classes and playdates and trips out. I adored my baby sister and just wanted to be at home with her and mum.

Good luck and congratulations on new baby.

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 16/10/2020 06:10

Hi OP, I’m due my second in 3 wks, I can assure you you don’t need to give birth alone. You are allowed to use a childcare bubble for under 13s and you are allowed a birth partner from active labour. Only difference will be your trusts rules on visitors after birth if on the ward.

As for nursery, it will be harder if your child has never been away from you but equally I imagine though first few weeks it would be better if she can go play somewhere for a couple of hours, not just for them but to give you a break with your newborn. I think you’re overthinking it, if they already comment about wanting to play with other children they will likely find nursery really exciting, you need to present it like that.
Gd luck’

KitKatastrophe · 16/10/2020 06:16

We can maybe possibly stretch to a couple of mornings at nursery at a push but it will be a struggle
Look for a preschool rather than a nursery. They're much cheaper (ours is £15 for 3 hours rather than £30 for a half day at nursery). Shorter hours but as you don't "need" the childcare that might be a good thing

RosieLemonade · 16/10/2020 06:23

Hopefully we will come back out. I know it feels never ending but hopefully in two years time we won’t be only meeting outside.

Mindymomo · 16/10/2020 07:08

Once your baby arrives get your daughter involved by selecting clothes, toys and getting things for you. Then when baby sleeps take the time to do something with her. I used to keep cardboard boxes and bits and pieces, all that could be used to build things and quickly put away. Your parents are still allowed to have your daughter for childcare, maybe a sleepover with them would be fun for her.

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