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Euphoria on antidepressants wtf is this?

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YerawizardHarree · 16/10/2020 02:38

I started on 75mg on venlafaxine 2 weeks ago because I had a miscarriage and it exacerbated my ptsd. I feel so restless and jittery physically but emotionally I feel on top of the fucking world, totally unbeatable and euphoric. Nothing can touch me that's how I feel right now. I spoke to my gp and they put me on zopiclone to help me sleep as Ive not slept for 3 days.

Wtf do I do? Ring them again and ask to be seen? I feel amazing don't get me wrong but this isn't normal

OP posts:
Gardenista · 16/10/2020 03:25

Phone your gp for an appointment tomorrow morning. Urgent appointment. Lack of sleep and euphoria are not normal and you at he suffering from hypo mania

YerawizardHarree · 16/10/2020 03:35

I'm going to call well email as it's online. But if the way say give it some more time should I just go to A&E? I know it doesn't sound like an emergency but I honestly feel like I could jump off a roof and land on my feet. It's so horrible. I'm sweating like nobody's business.

OP posts:
Thisimmortalcurl · 16/10/2020 03:39

Venlafaxine sometimes gives an initial high and then you come back down a bit . It sounds like you need some diazepam but if you have some Zoplicone then take that . You are not on a massive dose but it sounds like you really need something to keep you calm . What dose of zoplicone did you get ?

flowswest · 16/10/2020 03:40

You could have serotonin syndrome. Ask your gp to do your observations and check yu over physically.

Snowmonster · 16/10/2020 03:42

Venlafaxine is not a first line antidepressant, I would ask the GP to taper you off and try you on an SSRI - it's definitely not suiting you, particularly if you are needing zopiclone.
don't be taking zopcilone for more than 2-4 weeks it's habit forming and you can become dependent.

YerawizardHarree · 16/10/2020 03:52

Thank you

OP posts:
tcjotm · 16/10/2020 03:53

I have bipolar disorder. I know that feeling, it is lovely but it is BAD! Mania can be triggered by antidepressants. You sound beyond hypomanic, verging into mania and that can lead you to behave recklessly and dangerously. Also, it doesn’t last and the depressive episode afterwards can be brutal.

Please seek in person medical help ASAP. It does sound like an emergency to me because that jumping feeling can be something you act upon if this escalates.

tcjotm · 16/10/2020 03:54

Also by ‘it doesn’t last’ euphoric mania can progress to psychosis and that is VERY BAD. Please, in person medical help.

tcjotm · 16/10/2020 03:56

Sorry one more, not saying you have bipolar. Mania triggered by medication is diagnosed differently. It’s a thing that can happen without bipolar disorder. But still bad.

beadsunlimited · 16/10/2020 04:15

I hope you are safe, venlafaxine made me feel similar when I was first on it and at every dose increase. The boundless energy, the not needing to eat or sleep is very familiar. It was also incredibly difficult to withdraw from.

I see you are going to call your GP in the morning; hold on and stay safe until then

YerawizardHarree · 16/10/2020 04:36

@tcjotm thank you I've called 111 as I'm alone and I'm worried about this progressing

OP posts:
YerawizardHarree · 16/10/2020 04:36

They're gonna call me back

OP posts:
blackcat86 · 16/10/2020 05:00

I have had this and please seek advice about stopping your medication. I had symptoms of mania on sertraline after 6 weeks of taking it i was struggling to speak or write a sentence as it was coming out in the wrong order. The gp said it was mania as a side effect of the SSRI (so please don't switch to these) and to avoid any ADs unless its life or death. Her view was that I may have a genetic predisposition to mania and/or be suffering from shit life syndrome rather than a chemical imbalance. I was sad because my life was crap. I had pnd after birth trauma and a total lack of support so I came off the medication and tackled my life instead.

beadsunlimited · 16/10/2020 07:39

Just checking in, hope you've had your call back from 111.
Hope you're okay.

BoudiccasBoudoir · 16/10/2020 08:45

I had this with Venlafaxine. Felt marvellous, until I stopped sleeping (prescribed zopiclone too), and eventually started hallucinating. It took a while but it was Serotonin syndrome

WankPuffins · 16/10/2020 08:49

I used to get that when I was on big doses of Prozac (60-80mg).

I LOVED it, but I fucked up my life big time while feeling like that. Affairs, not giving a shit what I said or did. I made a fool of myself. It was horrendous looking back.

WankPuffins · 16/10/2020 08:52

suffering from shit life syndrome rather than a chemical imbalance

Ha, yes! This struck me @blackcat86 I was medicating myself to deal with my husbands moods and behaviours (which made my life unbearably shit), when he should have been the one medicated and dealing with his actual mental illness, not me.

Sorry OP, off on a tangent. But do go and get it sorted.

tcjotm · 16/10/2020 11:08

I hope you’re ok OP. It’s good you’re self aware about how it’s made you feel and I hope you feel back to yourself soon. Take care.

RedTitsMcGinty · 16/10/2020 13:20

I had this. It triggered a manic episode that progressed to psychosis. It feels great until it feels terrifying. Hope you get some help from 111.

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