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Working parents of pre school aged kids...

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Jugglingalloftheballs · 15/10/2020 14:22

Did your kids go to pre school? Or do you feel they missed out, if not?

Im moving to a new job and although I could work it so that my youngest will go to pre school, I can’t find any options for the school holidays. How did other parents manage this? Do you think the kids miss out by not being in a pre school environment with their soon to be school buddies?

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Camomila · 15/10/2020 14:32

As in because they went to a day nursery rather than a school pre-school?
I don't no, DS1 went to an 'outstanding' nursery and his primary didn't have a nursery class.

It might depend where you live - I live near a commuter station into London, locally there are lots more day nurseries than local primaries with a nursery class.

Jugglingalloftheballs · 15/10/2020 14:50

Yes, so where I live in a village there’s the village primary and a pre school attached where most of the kids go as almost every mum here seems to be SAHM!

So my child would have to go to a private nursery in the next town along, most of the kids there will be going to a different school so I wondered if I’m going to regret this?

OP posts:
Spam88 · 15/10/2020 14:57

Interested to see replies here (although maybe not if they go against what we've decided to do 🙈). We've left my daughter in her private nursery rather than sending her to school nursery (so she'll join the school in reception). We've been through the pros and cons many many times due to factors changing (discovering we wouldn't get funding, her nursery closing etc) but always came back to private nursery being the best option for two reasons - convenience for us, and the fact that in school she'd have to do breakfast club, after school club and holiday club. That's a lot of different environments for them to have to adjust to aged 3, not that it's much different aged 4 but at least she won't be quite so little. And the private nursery she's in now is where she'll go for holiday club 👍 and, as it happens, the after school club she'd be going to has stopped running due to covid so we'd have been pretty stuck if we'd gone with that option.

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