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Any opticians/optometrists? Advice needed please

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flyingant · 15/10/2020 09:21

I recently posted about my new contact lense prescription which was causing problems. I eventually got used to them but the vision in my right eye is slightly blurred, whilst the left is absolutely fine. Weirdly, if I change the lenses around (so they are both in the wrong eye) my vision is better - right eye fine and left is just very slightly off. I was convinced the optician had written the L/R prescriptions the wrong way round and have been wearing them the wrong way round for the last few weeks.

Yesterday, I went back to the opticians to ask them to check this and they tested my eyesight again. New prescription is almost exactly the same - no change to PSH & CYL and the L/R is correct way round.

My questions is, if I go ahead and wear the stronger prescription meant for my left eye (-1.25) in both my left and right eyes, even though prescription for my right eye is -0.75, is that ok, or could that cause any harm to my right eye?

The problem with going elsewhere to have another test, is that I live in Asia and this is now the 4th time I've tried having my eyes tested at different places and received a bad prescription. I'd usually have it done when I visit the Uk, but I'm not able to leave my country because of Covid restrictions. Here, I'm constantly dealing with people who don't seem experienced - just this week, I had the end of my front tooth accidentally shaved off by the orthodontist who was removing my bonded retainer! This kind of thing is fairly standard and I just don't trust going to see another 'specialist' but can't wait until I'm back in the UK to get my contact lenses prescription sorted.

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flyingant · 15/10/2020 09:25

My original prescription from July plus updated one from yesterday...

Any opticians/optometrists? Advice needed please
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flyingant · 17/10/2020 10:27

Bump for weekend traffic Smile

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